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Knight & Princess -6yr- Sword, Shield & Wands




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Feb. 2004


Special Mention

Knight/Princess Party-6 year olds-Indoor party(Feb.) Props that were used: Old English script invitations  were used that read "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Noble Knights and Fair Maidens are invitied to a Royal Celebration in honor of Sir_____6th year of birth. Please join us for feasting & festivities at the Castle of____on this day of Feb.______ at the hour of___-. Ladies, please wear you favorite Princess attire. On the front I addressed the child as Sir or Lady_____ in calligraphy.

For the party supplies--- I used royal blue table cloths, gold napkins & gold forks,spoons, plastic wine glasses which I glued jewels around them for goblets. On the table I set up gold candles with crystal holders & a dragon as center piece.  I had a royal cake made with a beautiful green dragon breathing fire in top. (got it at Bi-lo)It was BEAUTIFUL!!!My son loved it b/c it went with the theme "THE Quest for the Royal Dragon".

Party treat bags included toy dragons & ring pops,frogs(for the girls to kiss & get a prince & other various candy. Mom dressed up as the Queen( a friend of lent me her medieval Queen halloween costume. It was beautiful! It was a cream colored long gown with a burg. Long piece in front with gold designs/and a big cross in middle. I wore my hair up with the head band around & I had a hair piece I stuck on top so my hair would look big & puffy.Then I put on glitter makeup & jewels! I felt like a fool but the little girls were surprised when they arrived. My husband wore a long royal blue choir robe & I had a paper crown for him. Later he will become Merlin! Needless to say the Queen had to promise the King may gifts for him to do this!HA!!!

Around the house I had set up 4 stations with royal card at each. When guests arrived, I had a table in the foyer with crowns, capes for the boys I had made, & magic rings to choose from. When they chose their ring, then they got to go to the magic guess game table. I had set up 3 jars filled with"Dragon eggs" (jelly beans/bubble gum) & kids were to use their magic power to  guess how many in each jar. During th feast, they where awarded the prizes.

Then onto next station-Royal door hangers(I had found these foam hangers with a barrel of pincess/knight/dragons/stars etc. at Micheals. The boys even like doing this! 3rd station was for girls-On the card, I had written the the Queen has allowed the ladies to borrow her special potions to b/c princess' for the day. I had set up a gold tray with glitter makeup,polish, & stick on earrings. THEy LOVE THIS!!!! 

After everyone arrived, girls went to next station to Make a "Magic Wand". I had precut glitter felt & spray painted dowels. All they had to do was stuff it, glue it & choose colorful ribbons to tie on. On the card at the table, I had written direction: Use puff of cloud to stuff for magic.Choose magic threads. They had a good time matching their dresses & each got to take it home at end of party. Boys went to make a sword & shield. I had precut & spray painted swords out of heavy card board. I had a plate of jewels to choose from & another parent helped glue onto swords. Shields were made out of big chinet plates painted gold. I had copied the shield symbol for them to decorate their coat of arms. This all came for KIDWIZARD.com coloring book. I had some picutes of acutal "Coats of Arms' for them to look at & I told them about why knights had to have a "Coat of Arms" (to tell them apart). The boys had a good time decided on what their symbol would be & using markers to color. I had pre-glued elastic on back for the handle. It worked really well & was so easy!!!

After crafts, we went to playroom(which I called the dungeon to play simple games. Pin the tail on the Dragon. Just blew one up for an over head projector. Dragon, Dragon whose got the dragon??? I told each of them to use ther magic powers of their ring to help them . I had 2 more games planned but time was running out. We went back upstairs b/c Merlin had been hired by the King to entertatin our guests. Merlin,The Magicain appeared!(Dad dressed up in royal blue choir robe& white beard. I had made him a glitter /gold cone hat with jewels glued on front. We had 5 science experients planned. They were so simple but got good reactions!Also, he did a simple magic trick I had found at the Dollar store. Science exp. Came from KIDWIZARD again.

Each one had something to do with dragon etc. We blew up balloon with baking soda/vingear. Made a vaccum & boiled egg was sucked down into a bottle. When this happen a alitle girl about jump out of the chair! It was so funny!!!It made a loud pop! We made some potions that changed colors & bubbled up thanks to science teacher friend of mine. Lastly, we made Merlin's famous magical punch-green sherbert,green hawaian punch & gingerale-this all bubble up nicely & was fun to drink in their goblets. We ate dragon cake, Cheese puffs(dragon claws), ice cream cups made out of cookie. (Family fun recipe)& Fire chips. 

After everyone ate, the birthday knight opened his gifts. Then we went outside to slay the dragon pinata! At last the royal celebration was over! WE gave out the treat bags that I had put into dragon bags(found at dollar store). A grand time was had by all! It was a lot of work but the party flowed nicely from center to center & there was hardly no down time. All parents stayed which helped with the crafts. I would suggest having a parent at each station. Directions helped b/c I just had to hand them the craft basket plus it was fun for them to read the silly royal stuff I had written. It was a lot of pre -paring for but the results far outweighed the hassle! The little smiles made it all worth it plus my sone will never forget his party.The kids & parents are still talking about how  much fun they had! It was truly a "Royal Celebration!"

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