Kitty Cat Party

Cat Party -7yr- Walk like a cat, Eat like a Cat




Ellen in nashville, tn


May 2013



My daughter chose a cat theme for her 7th birthday party.  We sent beweled cat invitations to girls only.  We decorated with paw print tablecloths, pink and lavendar streamers, and small posters on which we drew cats and wrote things like we love cats!" and "meow!" 

We baked 2 cat shaped cakes using circular cake pans and I made small cake shaped triangles that I used for cat ears.  We used Twizzlers for the cake whiskers.  We held the party in our yard.  We set out various types of Goldfish crackers to go with our theme. 

We began by giving each girl cat ears that we had pre-made using dollar store headbands that we had added white felt triangles (with small pink felt triangles inside) glued on with tacky glue.  We then face-painted the girls to look like cats with a pink nose and black whiskers. 

The girls then did 2 crafts.  The first craft was my daughter's idea:  beweled cats.  I had cut up poster boards into smaller pieces and drawn a basic cat face on.  Using glitter glue the girls beweled the faces with jewels.  They loved it!  The girls also made cat collars using fruit loops and the stretchable necklace string from a craft store.  All of this took up 45 minutes - much longer than I thought it would since the girls would have loved doing this indefinitely! 

Next we acted like cats with a series of games which included 1) meow like a cat 2) purr like a cat 3) walk like a cat 4) drink like a cat (using paper bowls in which we poured water with a pitcher) and after emptying out the water bowls 5) eat like a cat - where we put a small scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bowls and asked the girls to eat with their tongues only.  Afterwards my son brought out our indoor cat (stored in her kennel so we could find her at the right moment) and let everyone pet and admire her. 

The girls then played 6) a chase game of alley cats vs. aristocats 7) a mousers game chase game 8) a climb the tree to catch the bird stuffed animal game 8) pin the mouse on the cat game using a poster board on which I drew an orange cat and cut up construction paper mice.  We then hit a pinata and the girls added the candy from it to their goody bags. 

For the bags we used white paper bags on which I drew a cat face on 1 side and wrote "Meow!" on the reverse side.  In addition to the candy I included a shiny ring a candy bracelet cat stickers and a cat bath toy.  Last we ate the 2 cat cakes.  This was one of my best girl parties!  Great fun for my daughter and all the guests and the party was pretty easy and very unique and creative!"

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