Kitty Cat Party

Kitty Kat Party -7yr- Scaredy Cats




Kathy in Elizabethtown, PA


September 2001



My daughter wanted a kitten for her 7th birthday.  So it was natural to have a kitty cat party to celebrate her new pet. 

We made homemade invitations by cutting pictures from a small kitten calendar and then printing inside to "Come help Marissa celebrabrate a "purr-fect" birthday as she turns 7," and then gave details. 

We bought a craft kit from Oriental Trade called "Scaredy Cats."  The kids worked on these first.  Make sure you use a hot glue gun, regular glue didn't stick too well. 

We then played some games.  The first was having the kids find beanie cats that were "lost" in the yard.  A "kitten" also had made a maze of yarn (4 different colors) all over the swing set.  The kids untangled this mess in teams. 

Then we had a relay race with the kids wearing cat masks.  They had to "bat" a kitty ball with their "paws" and then put the ball on a spoon and run back to the teammate who did the same thing.  Everyone received a prize. 

The last game was "lapping" up vanilla ice-cream with their tongues.  The kids loved this and looked quite funny with ice-cream all over their faces.  We opened presents and then had cake and ice-cream. 

The cake was in the shape of a cat.  This was quite easy.  I used two 9in round cakes.  One was for the body the other for the head, tail, and ears.  There are instructions on the internet.  This of course was a big hit.  The party ended with everyone getting a picture with the kitty which will be used with Thank yous, getting kitty tattoos and playing with the kitty. 

Decorations were easy and simple.  We used balloons, balls of yarn, and stuffed animal kittens and cats.  For favors I found a "kit" at the dollar store that had folders, pad of paper, ruler, pencil sharpener and erasers that had kittens on them. 

I also bought kitty tattoos, stickers, and pencils from Oriental Trade.  It was an easy and fun day.  The kids loved meeting our new kitten and celebrating my daughter's birthday.  Another idea to add to this party is to ask the guests to bring a can or box of cat food to donate to your local animal shelter.

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