Kitty Cat Party

Kitty Cat Party -6yr- Cat, Cat, Mouse!




Stacey in Boise, ID  USA


June 2010



My daughter loves cats and wanted a kitty cat party. Her party was planned on a Saturday afternoon from 1 - 3.

For decorations, I bought a 12-pack of cardboard cake rounds and my husband made them into 12 different cat faces which we tacked up all over the place. We blew up balloons and drew cat faces on them, and decorated with streamers.

I made invitations with Publisher and printed them - they had as many cats on them as I could fit and let guests know that it would be the cat's meow if they could join us for some purrrrr-fect fun. Rather than use party hats, I made kitty cat ears (triangle foam pieces glued to headbands) in white, black, grey, brown.

The guests received their kitty cat ears and got whiskers painted on their faces (using liquid eyeliner) and the party got underway.

We played Cat, Cat, Mouse (a version of Duck, Duck, Goose) for awhile - the kids could have gone on and on playing this. It was a great ice breaker and they loved it. Then we played Pin the Heart on the Cat Collar (I printed a picture of a cat on 11x14 paper, cut it out and glued it to poster board and bought some foam hearts at the dollar store). The winner received a cat puzzle, also purchased at the dollar store. After this, the kids did an art project: I had purchased pure white ceramic sleeping cats (dollar store) and let the kids paint them.

You should have seen the variety of colors! This project took a little longer than I'd planned, but everyone was happy and it was QUIET for about 15 minutes! We had snacks - I had purchased a 3-bowl cat food dish and had goldfish crackers, chex mix, and trail mix (it all looked a bit like cat food). The trail mix didn't go over well, but the goldfish and chex mix were gone in minutes.

They finished their snack and while they were all still sitting, we did cake and ice cream. I made a 16 round and 2 9" round cakes. The big one was the cat's body one of the smaller ones was the head. We used the second small one to cut ears and a tail then frosted the whole thing (this took about two hours but it was totally worth it). I used gummy fruit slices which I cut up for eyes nose collar. We drew whiskers with gel and it looked great.

After cake my daughter opened presents and thanked her friends for coming. It was a great day and best of all everyone had a wonderful time. Especially my daughter

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