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Kitty Party -5yr- Vanilla Ice Cream Bowl




Jessica in Draper, Utah USA


March 2008


Honorable Mention

I wanted to share one of my daughter's fun birthday party ideas, since I love reading ones from your web site, and hope if this is shared it will spawn another's creativity. My daughter really wanted to have a Kitty Party for her 5th birthday.  Of course my mind envisioned doing so much more but I have included the fun things we did.     

As each guest entered our home she entered Kemry's Kitty Shop, a sign I made from butcher paper that surround the door, to see multiple stuffed kittens in birdcages and cat carriers that we borrowed.  They were able to select one to adopt.  From here, the guests were invited to make a collar and name the kitten, while waiting for the vet to check the kitten. They pretended to weigh it, give it vaccinations, etc.  I used a vet kit from Toys to Grow On.    (I just had older neighbor girls come over to play the vet part.)       

Meanwhile, I had each guest come to me to select kitty ears I made on headbands, and  paint their noses and add whiskers to their faces. Once the vet checked the kitten, my daughters friends were awarded an adoption certificate I created.        

After each adoption was final, we talked about what cats liked-- mice , fish , milk, balls and then began our games.  Beginning with a mouse hunt.  The guests had to search outside for cat toy mice hidden in the yard. Some were a little realistic.  I bought them at Wal-mart.   While outside we played a relay.  The guest had to get on all fours as a cabat at a ball  with their paws, down to our pretend fish pond.  At the pond, they had to catch a plastic fish, then run to a cat house, I made with moving boxes, with a dish and scoop cat food into the dish before returning to the line and allowing the next guest to go.  It was so cute to watch.

Our next game was a little relaxing but silly.  The guest sat in a circle on little chairs, so their laps were available.  One person was it (the mother cat) who was blindfolded in the center of the chairs.  She held a pillow to place on a lap of a sitting guest. (The guests quietly exchanged seats once she was blindfolded.)  Then the Mommy cat found a lap,  placed her pillow down and sat.  The chosen lap was a kitten and had to meow.  The Mommy cat had to guess who the mew was coming from.  The five year olds did great.   We also played the traditional duck, duck, goos but changed it to Mouse, mouse cat to chase around the circle.  

Our fifth game was a Lapping game I had read on-line from some other parent.  I purchased kitty dishes at the local dollar store, and  pre-scooped similar sized balls of vanilla ice cream representing milk.  Each guest was given a dish with the ball of ice cream. They had to get on the floor, and lap up the ice cream until it was gone.  Their faces were silly after they were done.  Of course the oldest guest won. We cleaned up with wipes.

Our next game was called âat, Cat, what are you doing?  We had the guests line up as mice and called out to the cat, Cat, cat what are you doing?  The Cat, whoeve was it, replied with several different messages like; Taking a bath, drinking milk, scratching my ear, watching fish swim, taking nap, playing with yarn, climbing a tree.  But if the Cat said Hunting mice the other guest scattered until someone was tagged to be it next.  It was great fun.   

  We finally did presents and cake and ice cream.  I served the kitten cupcakes to the guests, and saved a big mother cat cake for family (Idea from Wilton). We even used Family Fun's strawberry mice idea for a healthy snack with cheese from May 2007. The cupcakes were frosted brown or gray with triangle brownie ears, and pretzels for whickers.  I used frosting to make noses, mouths, and eyes.       

Afterwards, the guests were invited to play in kitty houses, and we washed the kitty bowls to fill with gold fish crackers, Swedish fish, and lucky charms as cat food.   I made kitty houses from large moving boxes, and bought cheap beads to cut and drape on the door. I wrote different names on a paper fish bones to help the girls know what house to go into.  The girls loved the big box houses and  didn't want to leave.  The guests left with a new stuffed cat, kitty dish, and prizes such a kitty lip glosses, rings, and a toy mouse to trick their family members with.   We hope this is an idea you can share with your readers to help their creative minds plan a fun party.  My sister also used this ideas but for dogs.  Happy party planning.

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