Kitty Cat Party

Kitty Cat Party -4yr- Face Painting Book




maria in rhinebeck, ny, usa


October 2007


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's fourth birthday, she wanted a kitty cat party. She had picked out party ware and invitations at oriental trading depicting cats wearing party hats, noise makers etc, so we started from there. When the guests arrived, they could have their faces painted if they wanted(ideas from Face painting book called Face Painting Book of Cats purchased on amazon.com) and were given cat ears to wear.

The house was decorated with lots of balloons and streamers to match the plates and napkins; stuffed animal cats -my daughter has about 30! Around window ledges, etc., and large cut out drawings of cats with party hats and noise makers, cats dancing etc. that I had made on poster board. I also hung from the ceiling little mice cut-outs and fish skeletons.

Music I had downloaded from itunes was playing== Stray Cat Strut, What's New Pussycat, Love Cats by the Cure, the Aristocats Soundtrack(Everybody loves to be a cat) and some obscure tunes I found on itunes called my cat ate my mouse and litterbox boogie. Party food was buffet style and included fish shaped tuna and peanut butter sandwiches cut from fish shaped cookie cutter, Goldfish crackers, Strawberry mice( very cute idea from Family Fun-take strawberry, use sliced almonds for ears, chocolate chip nose and eyes, licorice for tail), and fruit salad served in watermelon shell decorated like cat face. 

Party games included pin the tail on the kitty, duck duck goose except we played meow, meow, Woof!, parachute games where we used little stuffed cats in center, and a yarn game where I tied prize(cat theme shaped chocolates I had made from Wilton mold) on yarn string, draped willy nilly across floor/furniture in room-each child had to keep track of their string to find prize at end, and a cat shaped pinata ( filled with kitkats, cat shaped lollipops, cat stickers and tiger striped chocolate kisses-caramel filled from Hersheys).

I did not know how long the games would last so we also rented a jump house which is always a hit. They happened to have a Jaguar which fit theme perfectly.

I also had some kitty themed crafts--cat shaped beads for necklaces(kids actually used to make collars for their little stuffed cats-big hit) and foam cat door hangers from oriental trading. We ended with a homemade cat with party hat and noise maker-shaped" cake and ice cream served in clean plastic cat food dishes

I bought from local pet store. I used special paint for plastic to paint on each child's name each guest departed with one filled with cat themed loot-small stuffed cat kitty lollipops cat shaped bubble wand and bubble solution cat bookmark cat mini calendar-all found at oriental trading and local dollar store. Their crafts bowls pinata goodies and cat ears were also theirs to take home!

Thank you notes were hand delivered as most guests were neighbors and family and the envelopes were stuffed with little fish shaped candies.  My daughter and friends LOVED the kitty party. I heard that some children were eating their morning cereal in their cat food dishes for weeks after!"

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