Kitty Cat Party

Cat Party -6yr- Ring Around the Kitty




Kim in Arlington Texas


May 2002



Cat Party  When my daughter turned 6 we had a "Cat Party" or a "Feline Festival". 

We decided in advance that instead of presents she would ask everyone that came to bring supplies to be donated to the local animal shelter to help homeless cats.  All the kids LOVED that part.  They really felt proud and happy to pick out something and to help out homeless animals. 

When the guests arrived, we had them decorate cat collar's made out of craft foam.  We also had a Kitty Crunch, that was a game where you had to bite off a cookie from a string hanging from the swing set.(In one Bite) We used sugar cookies, string and wood clothes pins.  We also had a Kitty ring Toss game where we stacked some boxes up in different levels. 

We covered them with a black table cloth and then we put stuffed cat animals on the different levels.  Then the kids tossed a ring around a kitty.  They won small medium or large trinkets/toys for "ringing" certain kitties.

Since her birthday is right before Halloween, we all dressed as famous cats.  She was Sagwa from PBS, 3 year old brother and sister were Tigger and Marie from Aristocats and I was the cat in the hat.  We also did the kitty litter cake and made Kitty Don't Litter bags out of paper sacks to use for collecting their winnings and mouse piƱata candy. 

We had a mouse hunt (scavenger hunt) with a fabric mouse stuffed with candy. There were cheese cut outs as clues to follow to find the mouse.  We did a Cat Candy Pull with a pumpkin decorated like a cat and lollipops with different colors on the tips.  Each color denoted a size prize. 

For the music we played Sagwa and Arstocats too.  The 25+ kids all had the best time.  What to do next year???????

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