Karate Party

Karate -5yr- Asian Buffet




Bridget in Prairieville, La  USA


Jan. 2004



My son is turning five and has requested a Karate party.

 For the invitation- we got white card stock 81/2 X 11 and cut in two long ways then folded each in half, the wording a really cute rhyme was printed on the inside and on the outside we cut a V at the top to resemble a shirt and then slid a black ribbon around the middle (looks like a Karate shirt).

We scheduled the party at a local martial arts school. We decorated with red,purple,green,orange and blue balloons b/c we chose ninja turtle tableware. But you can choose anything karate related (Samarai Jack, Power Rangers, Powder Puff Girls) and coordinate balloon colors.

All the children received headbands that we made,whenthey arrived. We got a number 5 pinata and let the kids kick and punch until the contents spilled out -candy from a local oriental market.

For the cake we replicated the invitation - I baked a rectangular sheet cake with a V cut out at the "neck", iced the cake white and used a black ribbon around the "waist". For a little extra wow I took a Head shot of my son and had it enlarged and laminated and stuck it at the top of the cake. Then I Traced both his hands in karate stature and taped them to long skewer sticks the I placed in the cake in karate stance (diagonally).

We also served different asian foods buffet style. As the children left they rcvd chinese take-out boxes filled with little ninjas and fortune cookies (from Oriental Trading).

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