Karate Party

Karate Party -8yr- Karate Man Pinata




Tracy in Kernersville, NC US


March 2007



My son has been attending a local Karate summer program for the past 2 years. He decided he wanted his next birthday party at the local Karate International.

I searched the net for some really cool Karate supplies. I found invitations with matching thank you notes in a shape of a karate uniform, plates and napkins as well with karate uniforms and all the different color belts.  All the invites had yellow envelopes and I put karate kids stickers to decorate.

The best surprise was when I found a karate man pinata who made karate sounds each time he is hit.

I had a hard time finding a cake that would suit this theme. I found a editable image on ebay that was personalized to my sons name. It said Happy 8th Birthday Landon! It was written in a karate themed font. To the side it had a little karate boy.  I also found Karate hats on ebay in which the kids could color.

When the children arrived, they took a seat and I had markers and stickers for the kids to decorate their karate themed hats.

Thirty minutes after the children arrived, they got to take a Karate lesson, which taught them some of the basic karate moves. They got to do some fun drills too. At the end of the class the instructor gave each of the children an envelope. In each envelope there was a free 2 weeks worth of lessons, given in honor of the Birthday boy. Also included was a really cool head band.

The Children then got to eat pizza and cake and ended the party with karate chopping the karate man pinata.

My son loved his party, and each of the guest had a super time.

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