Karate Party

Ninja Karate Party - Karate School Party




Nina in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma -USA


January 2002



Ninja-Karate Birthday party  My son takes Karate and loves Jackie Chan's cartoon. 

Designed birthday invites by taking one of the photos of my son in karate class. 

Arranged where he could have a party at his Karate school. 

Watched a Jackie Chan cartoon movie.  His Sensei agreed to do a little demonstration and to instruct a 1/2 hr class with the birthday guest.  

Afterwards had pizza and cake. The cake was decorated with Jackie Chan figurine. 

Each guest received an certificate for a karate class, copy of the karate creed (honesty in the heart-strength in the body - knowledge of the mind), chop sticks, small ninja figurines, plastic throughing stars, and black headband bandanas like ninjas wear that we made. 

Had a wonderful time and some of his friends started taking classes with him.

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