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Kung Fu Panda Party -6yr- Candybar Labels




Joy in Pinellas Park, Florida USA


January 2011



My son was turning 6 so he wanted to have his birthday party at the karate dojo.

Instead of having a pre-made invitation, I designed an invitation that said Po & the Furious Five have planned a kickin' birthday party for MASTER LOGAN." Then I made homemade oversized fortune cookies and placed the invitation inside of the cookie! I placed the cookie in a cellophane bag with a tag that said "Break open cookie for an important message from Po and the Furious Five"

I bought Kung Fu Panda chinese take-out boxes online and placed the cookie inside. I then printed out labels with Po on them with each boy's name on it but included "master" by their name. I mailed one to each boy and these invitations were so awesome!! Very unique! I bought every Kung Fu Panda party decoration available so the dojo looked amazing.

I also created mini candybar labels and featured a different character from the movie on each candybar and placed them around the dojo for the guests and parents to snack on. I also printed out a picture of Po on iron-on material and made karate headbands for all of the boys. As each one entered the dojo I put their headband on and they thought they were so cool! The dojo did an excellent job with all of the kids and they had a blast!

We had pizza delivered and had a large Kung Fu Panda cake for the adults. I made panda cupcakes for the boys - I just used white icing for the main cupcake and then used mini oreos for the ears and eyes and then used black & white icing to create the eyes nose and mouth. I then placed each cupcake in a special Kung Fu Panda cupcake holder with another label that said "Master Logan" etc.

All of the boys went home with a bunch of goodies in another Kung Fu Panda chinese take-out container: a foam chinese throwing star sheet of Kung Fu Panda stickers a whistle a few of the customized candybars a blow out with Po's face on it and some kung fu panda tattoos.

I had a large banner with Po on it and I had each boy stand next to it in a karate pose. When we got home I had our son make out his Kung Fu Panda thank you notes. In each thank you note we included a group picture the individual picture of the boy by the banner and then a picture of the individual boy breaking their board as souvenirs.

This was by far the best party I've ever done and it's going to be hard to beat next year."

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