Jimmy Neutron Party

Jimmy Neutron Party -4yr- Blue Bubbles




Stacy in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA


Feb. 2004



Jimmy Neutron/Scientific - 4 yr old 

For the invitations I scanned a birthday card I planned to give my son and used my photo software to "clip" out Jimmy Neutron.  I printed him with the phrase "Up and Atom" Come Celebrate Jackson's 4th Birthday (and all pertinent party info) on a 4x6" piece of vellum. 

On a slightly larger piece of white cardstock I printed a large atom (concentric rings around a nucleus) I found from a free clipart website.  Finally, I placed the vellum (with Jimmy Neutron and party info) over the atom and attached to slightly larger red and blue card stock papers with eyelets (using my scrapbooking tools).  I got rave reviews of this invitation! 

For the party we had a bouncy house/moonwalk to jump in.  For a rest, I had Jimmy Neutron coloring pages scattered on the tables (I found them on the internet too).   

After about 30-45 minutes of jumping, we moved to the driveway for our experiment.  I passed out laboratory goggles (from the dollar store) for everyone.  Then I gave each kid a cup of white vinegar.  They poured it into a bucket with baking soda and blue dye.  The chemical reaction of blue bubbles covered my driveway.  The kids thought this was terrific!   

I took a picture of all the kids wearing their goggles sitting in the bouncy house.  It's a great photo!  Finally we did cake (my neighbor did a Jimmy Neutron cake with a beaker exploding with blue bubbles, like our experiment) and ice cream and opened presents.   

Everyone got sent home with the goggles and a goody bag that had Hershey bars with Jimmy Neutron on them, Jimmy Neutron fruit gummies, and Jimmy Neutron toys from Wendy's (which they sold me for $1.00 each).  The bag iteself was just a brown lunch bag tied with a business card with a picture of my son and a note saying thanks for coming to my party. 

It's six months later now, and I still get comments from parents about the invitation and the experiment with goggles!

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