Jimmy Neutron Party

Jimmy Neutron -9yr- Rock Candy Dispensor




Jennifer in Howard Beach, NY  USA


April 2003



For my son's 9th birthday we are celebrating it at a local funhouse. The theme is Jimmy Neutron!

I have sent out all the invites and now the fun begins. I have made up space badges for each kid saying "Gotta Blast!", these will be included in the goody bags.

All the kids are getting a rocket candy dispensors that is a toy after the candy is gone. To continue the theme I have bought each kid test tube bubbles, since Jimmy is such a genius.

The cake is Jimmy's Head, I made this myself.

When all the kids have had there fun playing Laser Tag, Arcade, Mini Golf and playing in the ball pit they will leave to go home with a "Jimmy Neutron" coloring book that I have put together for the kids to have for later.

I almost forgot that I have put together some Jimmy Neutron games for the kids to play while they wait for the food at the party place.

Winners of these games get nickelodeon ooze in a space ship container. I also will hand out test tubes with there special fuel in it (sour apple Jello). All in all I think the kids will have a blast of a time at this party. Until next year..

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