Jimmy Neutron Party

Jimmy Neutron Party 4th- The Chicken Dance




Shea in Escondido, CA USA


Nov 2003



We had a Jimmy Neutron party for my son's 4th birthday this year. 

I bought Jimmy Neutron invitations and decorations from the local party store. 

I had large groups of red, yellow and black helium balloons paired with large Jimmy Mylar Heads throughout the party area. 

We had our party at the park, so as the kids arrived they played on the playground set while the grown ups chatted. 

After lunch, we gathered all the kids together to play some games.  The first game was Pop the Yokian - each child was given a blown up balloon, and they had to sit/bounce on them until they popped. 

The theme from the jimmy Neutron movie played on the radio as they were bouncing, so it really got them into the mood.  Since the kids are young, all the children got to pick a prize once they popped their balloons. 

The next game we played was Space Rock Hunt.  I had hidden around the park a Space Rock (a kaleidescope wrapped in several sheets of tin foil) for each kid.  Again, as the music played they all ran around looking for their space rocks.  Once they found them they were allowed to unwrap them and see what was inside.  I had recorded several songs onto a CD, and so after the games, we did the Chicken Dance (just like in the movie), the Hokey Pokey, and If You're Happy and Ya Know It.  By the time we were all done, it was time to open presents. 

Each child got to sit next to the birthday child and help him open his gift from them.  This way, each child felt like they were included. 

For the goodie bags, I purchased star shaped metallic boxes, and filled them with Rainbow Space Putty in an Egg Shape, Glow in the Dark Necklaces and Bracelets, Metallic Binoculars, Space Bounce Balls, Star Shaped Metallic Sunglasses, and a Star Shaped Glitter Filled Flashlight. 

All the kids had a wonderful time, and I think even the parents enjoyed doing the chiken dance and the hokey pokey.

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