Jimmy Neutron Party

Jimmy Neutron Party -5yr- Musical Presents




Hollie in Marysville, OH  USA


July 2003



Jimmy neutron party for 5 year old boy. 

We used the 3-D Jimmy Neutron Partyware/invites.  Children (9 kids ages 3-7) enjoyed jumping in the "Moon Jump" (from a local rental center - pricey, but well worth it...BIG FUN and we got to keep it for the whole weekend!)

We made "Yokians" by decorating large plastic Easter eggs with big google eyes, then making slime (an easy recipe of liquid starch, glue, and green food coloring) to fill the egg.  This was just gross enough to be big fun for the mostly boy crowd! 

We played musical presents using the Jimmy Neutron sound track cd - as the birthday boy opened a child's present, that child got to pick 3 prizes from the prize bag (little themed trinkets like pencils, stickers, tatoos, etc.)

The crowd then had pizza followed by birthday cupcakes topped with Jimmy, Goddard, and Carl plastic rings. An "Alien attack" involving more silly string than I knew existed was a huge hit (the best picture from the party is one of Grammy covered in green silly string from head to toe!!)

More jumping in the moon jump and play on the large swingset/clubhouse that I had decked out like a space ship kept all the kids entertained for well over 2 hours. 

All kids went home with their prizes from musical presents, their Yokian egg, and a goodie bag with themed thank-you candy bars (wrappers with characters on one side and "Thank You for Celebrating my 5th Birthday with Me...It was Out of This World!" on the other side - easily made on the computer), more stickers, silly straws, bubbles, and sunglasses. 

Everyone seemed to have a great time, and the birthday boy thanked me for weeks!

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