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Skating Party -6yr- Roller Skate Invitations




Heather in Archdale NC USA


January 2010



My daughter wanted a skating party for her 6th birthday.

We could not find any invitations that had to do with skating so we opted to make our own. I cut cardstock out in the shape of a large roller-skate. My daughter used my scrapbooking round punches 1 and 2" and punched out the "wheels". I used a stamp with the "you're invited" and handwrote the invitations. We also used a standard hole punch and punched out a place for the skates laces which we used standard yarn to do and tied a bow at the top of each invitation.

We ended up renting the whole skating rink as it was only $30 more dollars than a public party. I figured this would be safer with the smaller kids. We invited all family and the kindergarten class and our dance group and ended up with almost 40 small kids so a private party was great.

We purchased glo necklaces from party city and passed out as each kid got their skates. The kids loved them as the rink turned down their lights. We played the standard skating rink games of limbo  and the dice game and each winner was given a "prize". We skated for 1 1/2 hrs and then it was time for cake.

We had pizza delivered and had a cake. For our cake we made a girl with blond hair and blue eyes out of fondant. We made sure she had on a pair of skates and an outfit to match what my daughter was wearing that day. We put her on top of the cake along with Happy 6th Birthday Faith!.

We then opened gifts and as our goodie bags every guest was given a free coupon to come back during a public skating time and a fruit roll up. We downloaded a picture of our daughter and put Thank you for sharing in my 6th Birthday. (I had made sure to tell a couple of the parents to have their kids look at them and for them to look at them also so they wouldn't think they were getting a standard fruit rollup. They were a hit and people still comment on them almost a year later)  The kids thought it was "cool" Faith had her picture on a Fruit Roll Up."

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