Ice Skating Party

Ice Skating Party -13yr- A Gr8 Sk8




Susan in Garden Grove, CA, USA


April 2009



For my daughter's 13th birthday party, she decided to have an ice skating party. 

INVITATION:  She sent an invitation to 12 friends and the reply style was 2 sk8 or not 2 sk8?"  "Gr8! I'll sk8!" (for yes) "Brrr not sure" (for unsure) and "Melting at home" (for no).  

ACTIVITY:  My daughter greeted her friends at the ice skate rink with handmade no-sew fleece scarves all cut from the same fabric (1 yard of fleece made four 9" scarves with 4" knotted fringes).  Not only did the scarves keep the girls warm while on the ice but it helped them (and moms) spot each other easily. After 2 1/2 hours of skating everyone headed to our home for dinner.  At our home all her friends signed a "Happy Birthday" picture frame.  At the rink I took a group photo of all the girls with their fleece scarves and ice skates and I will print that for the picture frame. 

DECORATIONS:  The dining room was decorated with hanging snowflakes and the table was covered with a snowflake plastic tablecloth; a group of stuffed penguins served as the centerpiece.  Dinner was served on snowflake plates with snowflake napkins and snowflake cups. The tableware decorations and party favors were all bought at Oriental Trading Company (www.orientaltrading.com) 

FOOD:  For dinner we had "chill-y"(Crockpot chili) rice (we're Asian) hot dogs hot dog buns salad tangerines chips punch (7-up juice concentrate and pineapple sherbet) and hot chocolate.  

CAKE:  My daughter made her own cake:  rainbow sherbet cake which is angel food cake layered between sherbet ice cream (orange raspberry and lime sherbet) and frosted with cool whip---yummy!  She found the recipe at www.allrecipes.com. 

FAVORS:  Along with the fleece scarf the party favor was a snowflake bag filled with:  a snowflake pencil mittens notepad snowflake erasers snowflake stickers and a gummy penguin.   

It was a wonderful day for my daughter and she had a lot of fun at her party."

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