Ice Skating Party

Ugly Doll Skating -10yr- Car Pool to Rink




Brianna in Albany, New York, USA


April 2011



Okay so for my 10th birthday, we had an ugly doll(the cute little stuffed animal) ice-skating party. It may seem weird, but we had such a fun time.

INVITATION:  We sent out a save-the-date paper card in the mail. It said: Save the date! Brianna is turning 10! Then it said the date the party was, and told everyone an invitation was coming soon. 

DECORATIONS: part of the party was at our house, so my mom just put up the simple streamers and attached ugly dolls to the bottom of the balloons. There was no need to over decorate, because most of the party was ice-skating.

ACTIVITIES: When 10 girls arrived at our house, we began the crafts right away so we had time to go skating. My mom had made ugly-dolls on her sewing machine, and now thanks to Michaels, each girl could design their own! We also free-played with ugly dolls.

GAMES: We played ugly-doll tag, where each girl hid their (or one of my) ugly dolls and each team had to find the other team's ugly doll. It was so much fun. Then it was time to go skating. All the girls piled up in two different cars, and brought their ugly-dolls or one of mine, to skate with us! All of the girls with me, were excellent at skating, so we wouldn't destroy the ugly doll by falling, or whatever. We skated with our uglie's for 30 minutes, then skated without them for an hour. My mom even got the private party room!

Cake: The cake was in the shape of an ugly doll, but had skates on it and said Happy 10th birthday Brianna!

Food: We ate pizza in the private party room, and had pretzels and stuff at home.

I hope this helps, we had a really FUN time at this party.

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