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October 2005



Ice Skating Party -  For my daughter's 6th birthday, we had a skating party at an ice arena. It was the first time we had her party out of the house. I was used to doing a lot of the work so I decided to add some personal touches to the package the arena offered. They offered a party room with pizza and soda with skating time to follow.

To personalize the party we did some cute things. First, we made our invitations using little ice skates bought at the scrapbooking section at AC Moore. We cut out blue circles and glued the skate to the center and put that on a small white card. We printed the party info in blue on the inside of the card.

To personalize the party room, I bought my own paper goods and some balloons for table decorations. Everything went with our blue, white and silver color scheme. I even dressed my kids in those colors. I used snow flake stickers to decorate the blue table cloth.

I found great goody bags with snowflakes in our colors. In each bag, we gave a pair of gloves. They were perfect because they came in blue or white and were decorated with skates and snowflakes. I found those at Target for $1 apiece. We also included a bag of hot chocolate mix, a bag of chips, and a skating pass for the arena. We always put our thank yous right into the goody bags. This way it's done! We made a small blue card from craft paper and put one of the snowflake stickers on the outside. I had a friend crochet a small pair of skates for each guest.

As the children arrived, we gave them their knitted skates to wear on their jackets. We attached them with safety pins. It was great because we knew who was from our party when the kids were on the ice.

Next, we took a Polaroid picture of each guest wearing their knitted skates. Prior to the party, we cut big blue snowflakes from craft foam with a small magnet glued to the back. We attached the photos to the flakes as a keepsake for the girls.

My sister made an ice skate cake. She found the idea on the Betty Crocker website. After pizza and cake, we went downstairs to skate.

My daughter had a great time and the guests all had fun too. Some of the parents even skated!

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