Ice Skating Party

Ice Princess Party -8yr- Tutus and Tiaras




Robin in Rogers, AR USA


January 2007



For my daughter's 8th birthday party she decided on an ice skating party. 

The invites were printed on regular computer paper.  We found a clip art picture of an ice princess and used that as a back drop on the paper and made it up like an announcement to a royal ball on ice.  We rolled them up like scrolls and tied them with pretty ribbon and handed them out.  If you'd prefer to mail, you can fold them up and then sticker them with a self made royal seal". 

I decorated the party room in ice blue and silver.  I used light blue lunch bags for the favor bags and my daughter and I dressed them up with stick on jewels and sparkly snowflake stickers. You can put any favor treats inside.  I used little Debbie lunch cakes some lip gloss and nail polish and a personal note from my daughter thanking them for helping to celebrate her birthday. I folded the bags over punched 2 holes on the bag at the fold over part and tied ribbon through them.  I placed these at each of the place settings. 

I slipped a tutu over the bags and placed a princess headband tiara over the bag.  I ordered the tutu's at Oriental Trader for only $30 for 12!  They weren't the puffy ones but rather strands of thick ribbons handing from an elastic band.  The headband tiara's were also ordered from there.  Very affordable.  I put out the usual party snacks and had hot chocolate on hand. 

Her cake was a square sheet cake with an ice pond and skater.  We had the bakery use lots of crystallized sugar so it sparkled.  We couldn't find an ice princess skater so we used a small toy doll we found at Wal*Mart that was a fairy with removable wings.  Worked perfect!

When each girl arrived they picked out their place setting put on their tutu over their clothes and wore their tiaras.  The girls had a blast twirling around the ice.  They looked great in the added attire.  I got lots of questions from other little girls out on the ice that weren't part of our party on how they could look like my girls!  I was so pleased with how her party came out. 

I wasn't very excited at first with her choosing ice skating as I love to plan parties and there wasn't much I could do at a public ice arena.  But once I came up with the tutu and tiara ideas I was happy.  I found a way to make the ice skating special for the girls and different from a regular outing of ice skating. 

After an hour of ice skating we called the girls in for munchies.  I made sandwiches and cut them with large cookie cutters into different shapes.  Kids go crazy over regular ham & cheese or peanut butter & jelly sandwiches when they are cut into fun shapes. 

After they munched we sang happy birthday and opened presents.  "

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