Ice Skating Party

Ice Skating -9yr- Disco Lights & Funky Music




Roberta in CT, USA


August 2002


Honorable Mention

My daughter is just celebrated her ninth birthday, and we were also  moving at the same time so we needed a party that wouldn't require too  much planning, money, and most importantly - a house! That is when  my daughter asked if we would be able to do an ice skating party. Of  course, I thought this would be a great idea since it was at a public  facility, not our home, so we wouldn't need to clean up or plan much.  So, the next day I called up the local skating rink and they told me I  could rent a party room for 3 hours for only $75. This was great!

Then,  my daughter and I picked up some nice stationary from the art supply  store and wrote all the information down on a piece of it - one for each  guest (we invited 12). 

The day of the party, my husband, my daughter, and I went to the rink an  early to set up the tables and decorations, and to rent the skates (we  had called everyone and asked what shoe size they were). The skates  were complimentary with the party room.

An hour later, almost all of the  guests had arrived so they got their skates on and met up with one of  the rink instructors who would be leading the party. For about an hour,  she showed them tricks and they played a variety of skating games. 

Later, they were called to lunch were they were given their choice of  pizza, hot dog, or chicken nuggets. We also laid out hot cocoa the  whole time so they could come back from skating to get some.

When  they finished lunch, they went back to skating and there was disco  lights and music playing! They skated to the funky tunes and light show  for about 30 minutes, when they got tired and decided to come back in  and open gifts. Before they knew it, it was time to go.

They were each  given their goodie bags which were supplied by the rink. They were a  plastic bag with an ice skate on it, an ice skate keychain, candy, ice  skating pencil, and other traditional goodie bag favors.

This party was  great - they had fun, there was no clean up, it was extremely  inexpensive, and it required about 30 minutes of planning!

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