Ice Cream Party

Scream 4 Ice Cream -5yr- Cone Relay




Amy in North Potomac, MD USA


April 2010



Yesterday we celebrated my son's 5th birthday with an ice cream party for 15 friends.

For invitations, we cut out ice cream cones and different flavor" scoops from cardstock and glued them together to make a cone adding a red poppom on top as the cherry. On the back we attached the wording printed out on our computer. They read "I Scream you scream We ALL scream for ice cream. Brennan's turning 5! Please help us celebrate ate the Smith Ice Cream Parlour (our address time date etc.)". We put them in colorful envelopes and added ice cream stickers and delivered them to al the neighborhood friends.

Since the weather was threatening to be uncooperative we had to move the party indoors. As the kids arrived they went to the basement where my older daughter was helping them decorate balloons with silly face stickers which they loved (this doubled as decorations during the party).

My babysitter was also there to help and had each child come take a picture at our homemade ice cream shop. This was made with a giant refrigerator box we got from our local home improvement store (free!) and threw on some white paint with a roller cut out a back door and a front window/counter. We then used pastel cardstock to cut out circles and pasted on front of box above window/counter with a sign that read "Brennan's Ice Cream Shop Est. 2005). The kids LOVED this box and played with it throughout the party. We took a picture of each child in the "shop" with an apron and soda jerk hat on" which will be used as thank you notes.

The children had some free time to play and then we started some games.  We played a game of "hot ice cream cone" (think hot potato)

Next we played;  pin the cherry on the ice cream cone (drawn on large paper free!) and finally ice cream cone relays where we used the parts of a game we found called "I Scream for Ice Cream". Each child had a plastic cone and 5 "scoops" of ice cream. They lined up in 2 teams and raced to build their cone and run around the party table to hand the cone off to their teammate…lots of fun and energy!

It seemed time for ice cream so we headed upstairs where we had set up 4 kids picnic tables (borrowed from neighbors) and a table full of toppings and ice cream choices. The kids came up and chose their flavors and added their toppings with adult assistance.

Since the weather seemed to be holding out and we had 15 kids revved up on ice cream we blew up our smaller moonbouce in the yard having the kids take turns so there wasn't too many kids jumping at once. As parents arrived children were given their "goody cups" which consisted of plastic ice cream soda-type cups found in the dollar aisle of Michaels (2 to a pack) ice cream bubbles $1 a Baskin Robbins i$2 ice cream gift. cert. and a few pieces of candy......a big hit! My son had the best birthday and the kids had a blast! The best part is we can recycle the large box for endless party/playdate ideas....."

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