Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream Parlor -1yr- Ice Cream Truck Invite




Felisha in Indianapolis, In USA


September 2008



I wanted an Ice Cream theme for my daughters 1st birthday party and searched the internet for ideas with not much success. We very creatively thought of the plans for her party ourselves, everything on the list below was handmade!!  Here is the list of everything you will need for your party: 

Invitation idea: I typed up the invitations that said, Please join us at Chloe's Ice Cream Parlor at the top and added a clip art picture of a pink ice cream sundae. I typed up the directions and added a clip art picture of a pink ice cream truck. I also had taken a photo of my daughter eating an ice cream cone and put a wallet in each invitation. My family really enjoyed getting a photo with the invitation! 

Decorations: Paint a foam ball and glue it to a real cone. Glue the cone to a rectangular piece of foam and sprinkle ice cream related confetti around them. We also made a sign on a posterboard that said, Welcome to Chloe's Ice Cream Parlor at the top. We added an 8x10 photo of her eating an ice cream cone. It said You are in for a real treat at the bottom.

I typed up some ice cream trivia and put them on the table. All of the adults really liked that because it gave them something to do while their children played games. 

Activities & games: We played pin the cherry on the ice cream very fun! We gave the winner bubbles and homemade candy in the shape of ice cream.  

Food/Snacks: We had an entire sundae bar using 5 ice cream flavors(vanilla,strawberry,chocolate,cookie dough, and chocolate chip) 10 toppings (lots of gummies and crushed cookies) All the children were able to make their own ice cream cones and they loved it. To help keep them clean we provided child size aprons from our local craft store( 1 box of 100 for $10.00). We also had 3 of our favorite homemade snacks (any will work) 

Cake: We had a 2 tier cake that was an ice cream castle made with cones and candy. It was very neat. Any cake with ice cream cones will work. 

Party favors: We used matching color treat bags. We put a cone in each one and loaded them with candy, soda flavored sticks, bubbles, and colored poly fiber fill as the ice cream. All the children loved them and all the adults thought it was so cute.

I typed up a list of the top 10 weirdest ice cream flavor and tied them to the treat bags. Everyone was amazed at some of the crazy flavors that people have thought of!  Good luck with your party…you will have a blast!!

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