Ice Cream Party

Ice Cream -2yr- Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes




Amy in Norwalk, CT USA


April 2010



My sister in law and I planned an ice cream themed party for my daughter and nephew who were turning 2! 

Invitation:  Our invitation was designed by my sister- it was a 5x7 card multi colored polkadots around the edges with a large ice cream cone- a pink scoop and a mint chocolate chip scoop that read Cake and Ice Cream are oh so sweet Riley and Owen's 2nd Birthday is sure to be a treat!"

Decorations: We had our party at a local nursery school where we decorated with multi colored table cloths (red blue and orange) multi colored balloons on each table and ice cream cone hanging spirals from oriental trading and ice cream cone paper goods.

Crafts:  We set up a craft table where we bought little "grow your own ." clay pots where we removed the seeds and dirt and used the pot as an ice cream cone then we had the kids fill each pot with cotton balls to resemble the ice cream and glue multicolored pompoms onto the cotton balls to represent sprinkles and a red pompom at the top for the cherry then we drew "X's" around the clay pot using a brown magic marker to make it look like the cone.  The kids and adults loved this!   We also had ice cream cone magnet crafts from oriental trading.

Games:  We played a variation on the "pin the tail on the donkey" with a large ice cream cone and all the kids had cherries- Pin the cherry on the ice cream cone! 

Costumes: My daughter was wearing an adorable light pink tulle ice cream cone tshirt and matching ice cream cone tulle hairclip and a sherbet colored fabulous tutu! (both handmade by wonderful people on etsy.com) and my nephew was the little good humor boy dressed in white shirt and pants and a black bow tie!  The two of them were soo cute!

Our Cake:  We made ice cream cone cupcakes using actual ice cream cones.  We baked the yellow and chocolate cake batter inside the wafer cones and iced about 1/2 of them with white icing and sprinkes and 1/2 with a light brown icing representing the cone and then arranged them on the table in the shape of an ice cream cone!  It really came out so cute and the kids loved them! 

Then we had make your own sundae we had 6 types of ice cream and lots of different toppings syrups sprinkles crushed oreos gummys m&ms rediwhip etc A hit with the adults! 

Favors:  Our favors were ice cream cone shaped dishes and spoons and ice cream shooters ftom oriental trading ice cream cone shaped bubbles and make your own ice cream stickers all wrapped in cellophane and ribbon.  The party was so much fun!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!"

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