Hollywood Star Party

Movie Premiere -10yr- Disney Cars




Shannon in Maryland, USA


December 2006


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 10th birthday, which is a few days before Christmas, we decided to do a Movie Premiere party theme.

I made invitations by using scrapbooking stickers with movie themed related stickers on them. I arranged the stickers on a piece of plain white printer paper. I used gold and silver paint markers to hand write out Premiere Birthday!, The star: child's name, Premiere date:, Showtime, and Theater, which I then put my last name Welford Theater, our address and phone number. I also added down at the bottom of the invite, One Showing Only. They turned out really lovely, and I just used my photo copier to make more of the invites so that I didn't have to hand print all of them out. I also put them inside all black cards and on the outside of the all black cards I added Premiere event.

I went to the party store and ended up buying every type of movie theater theme merchandise they had in stock. Including a popcorn tray, a concession stand, a small one, gold plates and napkins, a red carpet to roll out as well. I also puchased an Ocsar list so that we could vote on who would win the Oscars, making up questions and asking the adults which child they thought would win. Our theme movie was Disney Cars, so by having each child pick out a character from the movie that they wanted to become and they also did a live skit for all the adults in attendeance. That was how the adults ended up voting on who they thought was the best.

I also have a breakfast bar, which I hung up white globe lights, I purchased a small old time popcorn maker for the popcorn, I also had a candy stand set up for the kids to choose their snack. We covered the doorways to the theater with black crepe strands to make the living room as dark as possible, we have a surround sound system and a big screen tv.

My local video store let me take some cardboard cutouts of movie characters and several posters for added decorations. I was able to get carnival tickets from my daughters teacher at school, considering I only needed a few. I also did face painting and pretended that the Movie stars were getting tattoos to promote their movie. Not only do I invite my daughters friends but we also have alot of family at her party, which includes anywhere between 30 to 50 people altogether.

For the adults I put a star with an adult actor or actresses name on their backs. I quizzed them to see if they could figure out which movie star they had on their backs. I also tried to put the names of actors whom they liked the most. It endede up having a pretty big conversation about different movies, old movies, etc for them.

And even though this has nothing to do with the theme party i went with, I purchased a large bulk foam craft ornament kit so that each child was able to go home and put the ornament they made on their christmas trees.

We went to ColdStone Creamery and ordered a very fancy cake. My family always brings a dish of something good to eat. So we had a variety of foods to eat and it is more like a christmas meal then a birthday party with just cake. So we made that dinner before the movie.

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