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Miley Cyrus Party -9yr- Miley Money Winnings




Joy in Wichita, KS USA


February 2010


Special Mention

For my daughter's ninth birthday, we planned a Miley Cyrus, Party in the USA" celebration!  

INVITATIONS:  For invitations I always create a Powerpoint slide and save it as a jpeg and then develop it at a one-hour place.  A cheap and easy way to make invites.  This year's had an American flag background with all the party info. in the foreground.  

DECORATIONS:  For decorations we used patriotic items and a red white and blue theme to keep with the "Party in the USA" theme.  I found many items at the dollar store (pinwheels stuck in a patriotic tumbler filled with red tinsel etc) and then added simple red white and blue streamers and balloons.  When the girls arrived they each received a large brown grocery sack and chose a coloring page of Miley Cyrus to color and tape to the bag.  These were to be their "shopping bags" when they shopped at the concession stand later on.  I also had run off some Miley paperdolls that I had found online in case some finshed sooner than others.  

ACTIVITIES/GAMES:  After the bags were done (this allowed everyone time to arrive) we played our first game which was freeze dance to various Miley Cyrus songs.  In advance I printed out Miley Money that I made in increments of 1MM (Miley Money!) 5MM and 10MM.  I told the girls that they would be earning the Miley Money during each of the games and then would be spending it at the concession stand.  For freeze dance the first girl(s) out of the game received 3MM the next girls out got 4MM etc. until all the girls were out.  Next the girls took a Miley quiz with questions/answers I got online. 

Those who got all 10 correct received 10MM 6-9 correct got 7MM and so on.  I tried to keep the amounts fair and not too far off from each other so that there wouldn't be hard feelings.  The girls were all 8 and 9 and were good sports.  After the quiz it was time for karaoke!  I borrowed a karaoke machine and CDs from a friend since we do not personally have one.  Girls who sang a solo got 10MM duets received 7MM trios or more got 5MM.  I girls ALL chose solos and one little girl was too shy to do it at all so I just gave her 3MM privately.  While some of the girls were finishing up their singing we started shopping at the concession stand.  I had set up a table with all sorts of trinkets and price tags.  I would suggest having another adult or teenager run the concession stand as I did it myself and it got a bit hectic!  

PARTY SNACKS:  After all the girls shopped (I had more games planned for after lunch so they didn't have to spend all the MM the first time) we ate lunch.  We ordered pizza to keep it simple and I served bottled flavored water with homemade labels that said "It's a Party in the USA! 

Emma is 9!"  Then we got back to the games.  One was a paper activity where they had to make as many words in the given time from "Miley Cyrus Party in the USA" and they received MM proportionately.  Then we played pass the microphone (girls sit in a circle passing a toy microphone while music is playing whoever has microphone when music stops is "out").  Once again they received Miley Money for each round of play.  After this they all got to shop again and spend the rest of their MM.  

CAKE:  Then it was onto cake and ice cream.  I made a 2 layer cake with white fondant and red and blue stars with chocolate stars on stick coming out from the top.  It was simple yet colorful.  I also had sugar cookies in case some didn't want cake.  I had scooped ice cream into cupcake liners in advance so anyone wanting ice cream got some quickly.  While we waited for parents to arrive the girls sang more karaoke.  

FAVORS:  Their shopping bag of goodies served as their party favors along with an individually wrapped sugar cookie for each one.   We did not have a gift opening as every other year my daughter collect food or other items to give to charity (this went over very well as we collected nearly 60 items this year!!!).  It was a great party.  My thank you's will let the girls know how much we were able to collect for the food bank!"

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