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Misty in Auburndale, FL


November 2006


Runner Up

We just had a Hollywood Movie night party for my daughter's 6th bday. 

I sent out invites that I hand made.  They were printed on 8x10 photo paper and the background was the actual mountain that read "Hollywood".  I dressed her up in a floor length dress to look like a movie star with her matching boa and placed her in front of it, all computer photo generated of course.  Above the picture it read, "The stars of Hollywood are glamorous we know, But none compare to the star of our show!".  Below the Hollywood letters beside her picture it read, "Starring Lexis" and below the picture was party information like…..Celebrating her 6th birthday on (Date) @ (time) On Location @ Constant Stars Theatre (followed by address) 

It was a double sided invite and the back read the following: It'll Be A Red Carpet Affair!  You're invited to walk the red carpet and feel just like a Celebrity at the Premier of "A star's life", A new Hollywood Movie!  Us Celebrities can dress comfy yet still be cool, We can still look glamorous with just a few tools!  So dress in your crowns and feather boas too, Guys get in the fun, a top hat or tie will do!  Only people on the "A List" are invited to come, Yes Dahling, you made it-so join in the fun!  Concessions will be complete with Pizza, Popcorn & Cake….see you on "The Set" for a Wrap & a Take!  Produced & Directed by (Mom's name)  You won't want to miss this star studded event!

Next we had to create a home movie called "A Star's Life" starring my daugther.  

Scene 1 was her in the bathroom with her hair wrapped in a towel with a mud mask on.  She says, "today's my birthday!" looking at herself in the mirror she says, "I better hurry so I can work on my tan for tonight!"  she then takes a rag and starts to wash her face.  

Scene 2 was her laying out in the front yard with her glasses on holding a fancy glass.  She says, "This is the life of a movie star!"  I videoed her drinking a few sips and relaxing as "Hollywood" music played the background (Drew Cd from party store)  

Scene 3 was her coming inside the house with the towel over her shoulder and she says, "Time for a quick workout".  I taped her working out to one of my videos in a leotard.  After she wiped her forehead and said, whew I worked up a sweat!  

Scene 4 was her coming out of the bathroom with a robe on and hair rollers in carrying her pretty dress over her shoulder and walking to her room and closing the door to "Diamonds are a girls best friend" song.

Scene 5 picked up with her dressed and sitting at her vanity putting on lipstick, fluffing hair, getting boa on, and shoes, and purse, and last but not least, her Diamonds!! And walked out of bedroom and closed door behind. (music was still playing in background)

Scene 6 was her and her brother "The Rock" (the body guard) on the way to the party.  He was standing next to his truck power wheels, arms crossed with black glasses and she walks up and says, "Take me to my party Rock", he helps her in and then he gets in and she says "Give me some music" and then we played "Putting on the Ritz" as they drive off down the driveway.

Scene 7 was her at the table and little sister "the Fan" come running up and says, "Can I have your autograph?" Rock is standing beside and says, "She's not taking autographs", and she pushes him to the side and says, "Sure I will"

Scene 8 was her telling Rock that she was glad he came to the party and he says, "Me too, wanna dance?"  He takes her hand and leads her to the dance floor.

Scene 9 was her and him slow dancing to "Dancing Cheek to Cheek" followed by several fast hip hop songs that they love to dance around too.

Scene 10 was the ride home from the party at night time.  Coming up the driveway in the power wheel with her head laid over on his shoulder to a slow "Silver moon" song (off cd)

Scene 11 was her soaking in the jetted tub taking a bubble bath.  She says, that was more fun than getting an Oscar" and the over the rainbow plays as she pretends to bath and puts tons of bubbles on her head.

Scene 12 was bedtime.  She had a custom built Castle bed that’s 2 story that her daddy built.  She was standing on the steps looking up at it and says, "Every movie star should get to sleep like a queen!"

Scene 13 was her getting comfy in bed and putting a furry sleep mask over her eyes and laying back and saying "Goodnight Hollywood!"  Followed by music in the background that says, Goodnight baby from the same cd. I created an opening for the movie using Word on the computer and videod the computer screen as I clicked it.  It opened to a Hollywood song with the movie title, starring Lexis, Co-starring (her brother) The Rock, released on (Her bday and current year) Directed by (My name) the said Constant Productions presents…."A stars life…life of the little and famous" The closing were the credits, Her name as the movie star, Her brother as the Body guard, her sister as the little fan, the we put a happy 6th bday message, with all of our names and told her we loved her and she was the star of our show, followed by THE END!

After several takes and a lot of editing the movie was a huge hit.  She loved it as did all the kids enjoyed watching her movie along with all the parents!!  Well worth the time. The house was decorated with the walkway to the house as the "walk of fame".  I printed out stars with each guests name on it leading to the front door.  At the door was a sign posted saying "Premier of A Star's Life" Starring Lexis and had her picture on it.

The porch was trimmed with Celebrity only tape. When the door was opened the foyer was lined with Red Carpet and Gold a Silver stars hanging everywhere.  I created movie posters using different pictures of her, as you would see at the theaters.  The Red Carpet was hosted my ET (Entertainment Tonight) Interviews as guests arrived.   There were fake security camaras purchased from Oriental Trading sitting around.  Banners hanging on the walls that said Hollywood, Awards night, and the winner is…. Everywhere. 

We watched the Premier of her home movie as everyone sat around and ate pizza and chips. 

Then she opened presents and it was time to move into the movie theater room!  This was my little ones bedroom that we completely emptied out and lined it with a movie reel border all the way around.  The floors were trimmed in white lights and a red carpet aisle in which both sides were little kid chairs lined up in little rows.  We used a projector to put the Over the hedge on the wall and had great speakers hooked up to give it that real rumble movie feel.  The room also had black lights in the ceiling fan. 

We had a real popcorn machine and popped popcorn for them in little bags and they say and watched the movie in the theatre. It was just like being at one!  I even had a small projector called, Storytime Theatre that I bought in the toy dept at Walmart and the little ones watched Dora down a dark hallway on the door that we covered with a sheet.  At the end of the movie Lexis got her Oscar in which I had made for her at a trophy shop and it was personalized with "Best Actress, her name and her Birthday!  

The cake was shaped and iced to look like a real popcorn box even topped with real popcorn at the top to look like it was coming out of the box. I made table centerpieces out of rectangle styrofoam and painted them red and white striped and glued real popcorn to the top of the box and created a popcorn label to glue on the front.

They got goodies bags to take home which was a popcorn box filled with all the movie candies.  I created candy bar wrappers that said, It was Reel Fun being in the spotlight with you! The also got small cokes in a can that I created a label to go around it that said Admit one Lexi's 6th Birthday (on a ticket stub graphic) The back read, Nutrition facts, Popcorn & Soda 100%, Great cast 100%, Tons of takes 100%, Sweet memories 100%, Ingredients: One Hollywood Birthday Star!  I gave tape gum that I made a round label on top that said "Lexi's Movie Tape". 

Then I Created a copy of a burned movie on DVD and created a label with her picture on it to give to each child.  Another idea would be to give them a movie ticket to the local theater or even a blockbuster movie rental card.  The kids loved the movies, and it was well work my time!   

We finished the night off with 3 girls spending the night and pampered ourselves like movie stars, ate snacks and watched more movies.  I was exhausted and tons of work went into making this party realistic.  But it was well worth the memories that we created for her! 

This was definitely by far the Best party ever, including the Best Party theme.  I hope you can use some of my ideas….her thank you notes are wrapper labels that I created to go around microwave popcorn bags that have her picture on the front and her Oscar Acceptance speech on the back…"Hello Hollywood!  I would like to accept this Oscar on behalf of my awesome friends..I couldn't have done it without you!  And my director for making it all possible!  To all my fans who gave me such wonderful gifts…I'll cherish every one of them!  And last but not least, I thank God for putting you all in my life and making my dreams come true!  God Bless and I love you!!  Lexi"  The wrapper is trimmed in a movie film border with movie graphics all over.  It also says "Siscal & Ebert game it 2 thumbs up!" "Critics Rave: What a Hollywood Babe!" They are being placed in envelopes and mailed. 

Good luck with your party. Hope it turns out just as cute!!

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