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Deborah in Tampa, FL USA


October 2005


Honorable Mention

Celebrity Hollywood 11th Birthday  For my daughter’s Hollywood party, I made giant gold Admit One tickets on the computer with presenting A Hollywood Birthday Sleepover: starring (daughter’s name) in her 11th year debut, appearing at (address), 5pm  930am.  Seating is limited. RSVP at (telephone). I went and googled the image a Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame and put my daughter’s name on it in place of the actress’ and used that image as the background of the ticket invitation. On the side of invitation, I told them to dress like their favorite celebrity to win a costume contest.

I went online and googled images of Tween movies and printed mini posters on 11x17 paper to hang on the walls. I found all types of Hollywood-themed decorations (a reel of film that hangs from the ceiling and a Hollywood sign) at a party supply store including an Oscar for the birthday girl and a clapboard on to which I wrote the party information. I scoured the Internet and also found an awesome party supply store, thepartyworks.com that had plates shaped like a clapboard. I used plastic wine glasses for soda.

For her birthday cake, I found Hollywood clipart of a clapboard and the Hollywood sign, and added sunglasses, a star and cameras and Happy 11th Birthday, (name!) I printed it out and brought it to the bakery to copy on to a cake.

For the movie later that evening, I printed a concession stand menu and a movie marquee (also googled) which consisted of hot dogs, chips, nachos and cheese, icees, tons of concession stand candy (from the Dollar Store) and popcorn. I picked up an assortment of pre-teen items at the Dollar Store for prizes and one big Bratz doll as the Grand Prize.

Upon arriving at the party, each girl was given a VIP All Access Pass that had an image of the Hollywood sign with a letter. The letter would later be used as a random draw for the Grand Prize. For the first activity, I bought blank white tee shirts and transfers and made tee shirts that had a clapboard and said STUDIO CREW  Hollywood Birthday Bash-October 22, 2005 and STUDIO DIRECTOR for the birthday girl. I bought fabric paint and glitter glue for the girls to personalize their shirts.

For games, since several of the girls did not know each other, we played Movie Bingo where each box had a sentence like ____ likes the color blue, ________’s favorite actress is Raven, _______’s favorite food is pizza etc. Whoever filled the boxes vertically, horizontally or across won the game and a prize. This helped the girls get to know one another. 

The second game we did was Music Hot Potato. I went online to a lyrics website with my daughter and found 10 Top-40 kid-friendly songs and printed out about 4 lines of lyrics. (I kept the original with the Artist and Song Title.) I put the lyrics in a box and the box was passes around. When the music stopped, the girl would was holding the box had to pull out a lyric and identify the song or artist; If she couldn’t get it, than it was open to all the girls. In the end, whoever had the most correct answers won a prize.

Just as it began to turn dark, we took turns beating on a lipstick shaped piƱata outside.

Each girl received glow sticks bracelets and my husband brought out the Halloween fog machine until I got the movie set up, the sleeping bags arranged and the popcorn and candy set up in the living room.

After the movie, we had the costume judging and finally handed out party favors.

Their party favors came from the best online favor store ever, smalltoys.com. It consisted of a small fuzzy Princess purse, tattoos, a small chalkboard that had DIVA, PRINCESS or ANGEL on the top, an assortment of hair accessories, and a mini-clapboard key chain (found on Ebay), as well as, each of the girls took some of the movie posters home with them.

I overheard some of the girls talking to each other, man, this is the best party ever. We’re gonna be talking about this at school for years!  Now, I have to figure out how to top my daughter's party for next year!!!

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