Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Theme -8yr- Movie Ticket Invites




Anna in Columbus, Ohio USA


September 2005


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 8th birthday we had a hollywood themed party. 

INVITATIONS: I used word to make a movie ticket that said (last name) Productions Presents (child's name) 8th birthday party then put the date and time directly under that. On the side I wrote the place, the phone number, Screen 8 (her age) Admit One Child, Guest Stub 08031997 (her birthday), then I printed them out on plain white index cards. They looked just like a movie ticket and everyone loved them.

DECORATIONS:We started with the theme colors of black and gold streamers and balloons which we strung from one end of the kitchen and living room to another. I also copied my daughters favorite movie posters from the internet, blew them up on Word, and printed them out. I glued them to sturdy cardboard backing and hung them everywhere. Using poster board I made a giant sign that said NOW SHOWING in bold letters _____ 8th birthday party, and glued a large picture of my daughter in the middle. I also cut stars out of yellow cardstock and put each of the childrens name in the middle with a glitter pen and hung them from the ceiling with fishing string and tape.

ACTIVITIES: when the children arrived we had crates of dress up clothes ready for both boys and girls including dresses, boas, shirts, ties, play high-heels, hats, whatever we could gather rummaging through closets and the thrift stores. Once the chldren were dressed anotheradult gave the girls make-overs using make-up and fancy hair-bows. Once they were done I had them walk down the red carpet ( 2 tablecloths taped together) and snapped their photo ( which I included in their thank-you cards). We then assigned them all a movie star and told them to act like that star while I interviewed them (my husband recorded the interviews).

FOOD: we did a cheese and vegetable tray with fancy toothpicks for hor deurves, along with hot dogs and brats for the main course all served on black and gold plates.We served them wine ( non-alcoholic grape juice in the wine section of krogers) in plastic wine glasses from GFS.

CAKE: I ordered a cake from Walmart that had small stars painted all over in gold with a large gold star in the middle which said happy birthday, and a pair of gold sunglasses with the cake rimmed in black.

GOODIE BAGS: I bought a box of popcorn bags from GFS cheap and filled them with sunglasses, star shaped pads and pencils with stars (which they used to get each others autographs with),a bag of microwave popcorn, candy rings and necklaces,and lipglosses for the girls, chapstick for the boys.

Finally, it was a sleepover, we let the girls watch their red carpet interviews while we tooka breath and packed a cooler, and took the girls that stayed the night up to the drive-in to watch the latest flick. We gave them each a glow necklace from the dollar store and I prepared by popping popcorn at home and filling popcorn bags with it that I had left over from the goodie bags.

My daughter and her friends had such a good time that I wonder how I will top it next year.

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