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Hollywood Soiree - Movie Soundtracks




Courtney in Baltimore,Maryland,USA


September 2004


Honorable Mention

My party theme is called Hollywood Soiree.This 2-day party is a celebration of the stars of music, movies, and YOU, the superstar of the party!! From the moment your guests recieve their invitations to your star studded gala to when they depart with their celebrity style goodie bags, your guests will feel like A-list celebs!!!!!  

\*COLORS\*:Pick out 2 colors and a metallic. My colors would be pastel purple, pastel pink, and silver.

\*INVITES\*: You can buy your invitations, email them with the help of a website like evite.com, or type them up on your computer for a more personalized touch. If you do type them, use a nice LEGIBLE cursive or the Broadway font on certain Microsoft Words. For an example of what your invitation should look like:(outside)Prepare to party with the stars...(inside)...at ___________'s Hollywood Soiree. Include the occasion, when, where, time, and RSVP number.

DAY 1\*:As you know, celebrities throw HUGE bashes where they rent out entire clubs from the viewing public. Have an exclusive party by renting out your local roller or ice skating rink(depending on what season and where you live).

\*DECOR\*: Use your colors to decorate the party section of your rink. Buy tableclothes, cups, and balloons in one of your colors and silver. Buy utensils, napkins, and balloons in your other color too. Write out a playlist of certain songs and see if they are acceptible and available at the rink. Have snacks like chips and pretzels sitting out. 

DAY 2\*: \*DECOR\*: Have your colors adorn handrails and banisters and dangle from doorways. Buy about 3 or 4 yards of crimson felt, cut about 1 ft. across and lay it on your stairs. Tack up white Christmas lights in the dining and sleeping areas and set them to blink. Use the leftover streamers and the balloons from yesterday's party to randomly decorate the house. Have a plethora of movie soundtracks playing.

For the first game, you will need PLENTY of teen mags(these range from $2.99 to $6.99 in someplaces in the USA, excluding sales tax)! Before hand, write a list of different celebs you find in the magazines. Write 2 different lists for each team! Split the guests into 2 teams:pink and purple.Buy pink and purple tees so each person knows who their teammates are on. Have them cut out or write the page number(if you plan on keeping the magazines). Whichever team gets the most in 14 minutes(or however old your turning)gets 1 point. If there's a tie, have a trivia question about yoursef like, "What's my favorite Usher song?"

The next game requires a serious knowledge of pop culture. It's Jeopardy:Music Mania. Categories could be hip hop, pop, potpourri, '90's, Award Shows, and "What's in (your name)'s cd player?". Use 4x6 cards to write the question on the lined side and money value on the blank side. Whoever wins gets 1 point. The last game is called Name That Tune. Go to a lyrics site such as azlyrics.com and print out lyrics to your favorite songs. Read part of the song, not sing it or it will be too easy to guess it. Whoever wins gets 1 point. Total up the points and whoever wins recieves a $5 gift card to Claires, Icing, or the store of your choice. Buy the other team a small prize like a shade of nail polish or some lip gloss.

Then that traditional game of Truth or Dare. Now, it's time to cool down with a movie such as Mean Girls(pg-13), drumline(pg-13), the princess Diaries(g), honey(pg-13), or a concert DVD like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, or Usher depending on parental consent. In the morning, wake up early so you can get a head start on breakfast. Have poptarts or doughnuts, sausage or bacon, fruit, and apple or orange juice. Watch one more movie before your guests leave. Make sure you give your guests their celebrity goodie bag filled with a brush, lip gloss, mirror, candy, nail poilsh, nail file, and a CD burned with your fave songs on it. I hope your Hollywood Soiree tops the charts!!!!

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