Hollywood Star Party

Hollywood Theme -7yr- Homemade Marquee




Deborah in Houston,Tx 


June 2004


Honorable Mention

Hollywood Theme Party My daughter was turning 7 years old and I wanted to do something special. I chose a Hollywood theme.

I found some silver invitation cards on clearance. I printed you are invited to a Hollywood Premiere party of Caitlin Summer Rankin’s 7th birthday. Dress was sunday dress or formal.My daughter wear a white stain gown. 

The decoration I started working on 3weeks before the party. I found 2 Styrofoam stars and 2 round Styrofoam and I glittered them silver and glued the stars on top of the round Styrofoam. They were used several places as props. I use a roll of black wrapping paper and made a backdrop for pictures. I placed Silver glitter letters spelling out HOLLYWOOD on to the paper. I also placed silver glitter stars on the paper. I use four helium filled big star balloon (2 black and 2 silver) along with the backdrop. I use 2 white pedestals that I had and placed my star props. I placed this set up on a wall and that’s were the girls took their pictures.

I made a marquee board out of a black foam poster board I placed a picture of my daughter and write out it was a Premiere of her 7th birthday. I put holes around the board and place miniature lights. I place on an easel outside the door of the house.

I use red wrapping paper and taped down the walkway to represents the red carpet. I added clear Christmas lights on both side of walkway. I set up the room next to the garage with 2 long tables which I found ex-long linen table cloth to cover them both .The set up could seat 12 girls comfortable. I use black and white paper ware and utensils. I use plastic champagne glass and chilled 2 bottles of apple cider in bottles that look like champagne.

My daughter’s cake I design picture layout on the computer that went with the theme and Kroger’s placed it on the cake. I had silver and black balloons floating in the party room.

The girls arrived to the party and walked up the red carpet were movie cameras and digital cameras were taking pictures. Once into the house each little girl got her picture taken in front of the backdrop with a digital camera.

After pictures the girls were escorted into the dinning area. They were served apple cider, which they first thought they were really drinking champagne until some one read the label. They toasted the birthday girl. The moms of the girls played the waiters they took their food orders. While they were being served I went to my computer and printed out 5x7 pictures of each girl. I placed them into a glass frame (that I lucked up on) that resembles an award. I use vellum paper and printed there names on it and Hollywood. That was one of their thank you gifts.

After they finish eating we did Happy Birthday. We were supposed to do hand prints on the wall of fame (put a roll of paper on the wall.) not enough time. My daughter opens her gifts while I went back to my computer to download the pictures taken of the day to place into movie to show. It didn’t have time to burn to DVD to show so I had to show on my computer. Their second thank you gift was to get a DVD copy of the day (which they got a few days). The last thank you gift was Black or either silver gift bag that I printed HOLLYWOOD  Caitlin Summer Rankin’s 7th Birthday. I put a bag of popcorn and a juice drink in each bag. They got their picture and bag at the party.

I took pictures of them leaving going down the red carpet and this time it was dark and the lights showed up really good.

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