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Movie Star Sleepover 9-12 year old girls  Party in style at this fabulous bash of movie cameras, red carpets, and flashing lights! Be a famous actress for a day with all your friends, and see how much they'll talk about it for weeks afterward!   The main ingredients to a great party are guests, games, food, and atmosphere. There is also a section on various tips, advice, and etiquette at the bottom of the article. Also in this party, parents don't have to be around all the time (to help with games and food), so you can have fun on your own and give the rents and rest! 

GUESTS: Small parties are just as fun as big ones, easier to attend to, and easier to clean up after. Invite a maximum of 9 girls to your party, girls who get along with each other and who are ready to spend a night away from home(hey, even at this age?). Make sure you have taken care of any special needs (food allergies, sleepwalking) of your guests. Let them know what is lights-off time and which rooms are off-limits. If you're having trouble narrowing down the list, invite those who invited you to their parties, or your closest, closest friends only.  

INVITATIONS: Print some off your computer or go the creative way! For each invitation you need one large piece of computer paper, cardstock paper, or plain stationery. Cut the paper into a star shape. Decorate one side with glitter glue and sequins, and print boldly on other side "You're invited to a Grand Night at the Oscars, hosted by rising star (birthday child's name). Join us on (party date) at (party time and location) for an evening of glamour and fun!" Ask the guests to come all glammed up as their favorite movie stars. Include an RSVP number and deadline if you wish. Mail invitation two weeks in advance. Avoid passing out at school to skirt hurt feelings.  

PARTY ATMOSPHERE: Hang up black and gold streamers, black, white, and gold balloons, and posters of movie stars and movies. Set some soft music playing in the background. Leave a lot of room for impromptu dancing, cavorting, and fun and games.   

1. When your guests arrive, lay out the red carpet! Just make one out of a roll of red construction paper stretched from the front of your driveway to the door. Play some famous tunes from movies in the background (like James Bond music, Josie and the Pussycats music, or "Supergirl" from the Princess Diaries. You can download those on your computer) You'll love seeing your buds dressed up as movie stars, strutting down their red carpet, giggling!

2. When everyone's here, start the fun! Try an icebreaker game like Headline Give everyone a pencil and a piece of paper that says "MOVIE STARS ARRIVE AT OSCARS!" at the top. Then start a timer and see how many words your friends can make out of the heading in 15 minutes. Count up when the timer rings. For every word you have that no one else does, you get a point. The person with the most points wins a prize!

3. Now play Movie Charades. As Birthday girl, you go first. Stand up in front of your friends and act out a movie title. See if the watchers can guess it. They can call their guesses aloud. Example: You decide to act out the movie Princess Diaries. First you make out like a regular schoolgirl. Then suddenly you act all excited and act like a royal. If they still don't call out the right title, pretend you're writing in a diary. Repeat or try new ideas until the guessers call it right! There is no final winner and prize in this game.

4. More games that appeal to movie-stars-to-be: a variation on pin the tail on the donkey. Enlarge a picture of a famous actress with her hand outstretched or a clear table in front of her, or print one off the Internet. You can even enlarge a glamorous picture of the birthday girl posed like that! Then draw up or print up cardstock paper Oscars with double-sided tape on the back. Blindfold the players with a scarf, spin them round thrice, and gently push them in the direction of the celebrity picture hanging on the wall. See if they can place the Oscar on the table or in the hand appropriately blindfolded! The person who gets the closest to the right spot wins and claims a prize.

5. Here's another fab game: It's called Quizzer  (its like hot potato) Appoint a DJ. Seat the rest of the partygoers in a circle. The disc jockey looks the other way and starts the tunes, movie music of course, while the guests sitting in a circle pass around a little box (like a light-weight little jewelry box with a clasp). Inside the box are slips of paper with movie trivia written on them. When the music stops, the girl holding the box opens it, picks a slip of paper, and tries to answer the question. If she can't, she's out.

6. Another variation of the previous game is called Blushing Hot Potato. Use a similar little box with slips of paper inside with embarrassing things to do written on them. When the music stops, the girl holding the box is not only out, but she has to open it, pick a slip and do what it says. She could be told to dance the tango with the person on her left, to confess if she likes someone, or to say a tongue twister. Game continues until one person is left. She wins and gets a prize!

7. At your ultra-hip movie star party, you've got to go all the way MAKE a movie. Before the party write out a short film script or funny scene script and hand out parts. You star too! Have everyone study the lines for a few minutes, then let them invade your closet for the right costume to fit their role. Provide hats, costume jewelry, shawls, shoes, and clothes. Set up some creative, makeshift scenery and you're all set! Have Mom or Dad ready with the video camera as your mini-movie proceeds (you don't need to rehearse even once. The original feature will be ever more hilarious and cute to keep on tape!). Hand out Oscars made of baking clay to every actress, giving titles for funniest, cutest, most dramatic, most hip, etc. Everybody gets a prize. Let each girl give a thank-you speech to the audience when she receives her award of merit!

8. Time to get really glammed up for Hollywood! Don't you hear about famous spa resorts for those oh, so impoverished and overworked darlings of the movies? (They have so much to get away from, right?) Well make an even better spa resort and relaxation club in your own house! Pool make-up and accessories of your mom's, sister's, and yours along with some more hot products you can buy beforehand at the dollar stores. Then get ready to rumble! Your Ma and Sis can help with this too! First, have the girls put cucumbers on their eyes and facemask on their necks and faces! You can find recipes for masks in library books or on websites, so why purchase one? Let the mask harden nicely before washing it off (supply the sponges and tubs of water!) Now that your faces are bright, soft, and beautiful, apply mascara, rouge, lipstick, blush, eye shadow, and powder in bright colors and lusty scents. Then paint your fingers and toes in sparkly, fun, funky colors, style your hair up in wacky dos, and TA-DAH! The result is a gaggle of giggling, glamorous great girls!

9. Now its late. Spread out the sleeping bags and settle down in front of the television for a calming movie. Try these party-friendly, kid-appropriate flicks that feature preteen girl actresses just like you! = Matilda, A Simple Wish, Spy Kids, Madeline, The Parent Trap (the new one with Lindsey Lohan), Quints (from Disney Channel), Annie (the new one from Disney), or Smart House (from Disney Channel). Or watch any of the Mary-Kate & Ashley Movies like It Takes Two, Billboard Dad, Switching Goals, Our Lips are Sealed, or the newest hit, Winning London. While watching the movies, eat popcorn and smores (you can make these beforehand and reheat them when the time is right). These film ideas are great for parties! And so are all these game ideas.  

PARTY FOOD: The movie star menu should be marvelous! Set up an "anytime" buffet on a long table firstly. Bowls of Ruffles golden potato chips, white-chocolate covered pretzels, chex mix, cupcakes, and a tray of veggies and dip are some elegant snack ideas. Serve the following food at the appropriate times. Make some ham, grilled cheese, BLT, turkey, salami, pepperoni, PBJ, or jam sandwiches, cut them into star shapes, sprinkle them with colored sugars, and serve them to the partygoers as lunch. For dinner, call out for pizza or Kentucky Fried Chicken, or have the girls make their own pizzas! Supply each guest a ball of home made dough and a tray of toppings like olives, pepperoni, shredded cheese, bacon and anchovies. Also supply a tub of tomato sauce. Let the girls get creative and messy with their pizzas on a clean-floured tabletop! Bake the pizzas and eat up! Of course the biggest thing about a birthday party is a CAKE! Buy one from the store, or do it the innovative way! You can make a cake from scratch (recipes available easily), one from a box mix, or buy a plain one iced white from the bakery. Then it’s a matter of decoration. Read up on simple, cute cake decoration at home, and wing it! Or buy ready-made hard sugar decorations for your cake. Just before the guests go to bed, serve warm milk and cookies as a midnight snack. Even movie stars need their milk and cookies to get to sleep! 

MISCELLANEOUS TIPS, ADVICE, and ETIQUETTE = House Rules: Ask these questions to your parents: What rooms are off limits? What is light-off time? Can we turn the music up loud? Can we scream and yell and run in the house? Is there anything you don't allow in particular that I need to know about? Once these boundaries are established you'll be a lot more at ease. Also tell your parents about YOUR preferences and rules, but be reasonable and trust-worthy.  Etiquette & Advice: Don't ever ignore a guest or focus on one particular friend only. Don't play mean jokes or tricks, know when to stop the teasing, and avoid gossiping about people who are or aren't there. Respect boundaries of your guests and family members. Its all in fun. If a tiff breaks out, calmly work it out between the persons directly involved in the fight; even go into another room to do so. Don't hesitate to tell your parents about anything. Be flexible and generous. Don't concentrate on yourself. Always be sensitive to your guests needs and wants, and listen to what they have to say. Stick up for the right people. Keep it casual. Tips: Space out the eating times. Lunch, dinner, the cake, and the nighttime snack should come when your guests are truly hungry, and when they don't mind taking a break from the fun and sitting down to chow. Be prepared to have things go wrong or have your guests not want to play some games, want to repeat others, or be controversial about stuff.

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