Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty Cooking -4yr- Kitty Says (Simon Says)




Angelia in Queen Creek, AZ, USA


July 2010


Honorable Mention

My daughter loves Hello Kitty and loves to cook, so we combined them to have a Hello Kitty Cooking Party! 

First, for the Invitations, I was able to find a free Hello Kitty coloring page of Hello Kitty in a chef's hat.  I cropped her out of the picture, blew her up to invitation-size, added text to her apron that said Brooklyn is turning 4!") printed her on card stock colored her and printed the invitation information on the back.

For DECORATIONS I put up pink balloons and streamers. 

ACTIVITIES: When the guests arrived they began by coloring Hello-Kitty coloring pages. 

COSTUMES:Once they all arrived they became official chefs by getting chef hats I had made.  You can get directions online to make your own chef hat using a strip of white card stock for the band and then making the billowy top part out of white tissue paper. I glued foam letters to spell each of their names across the band.

MORE ACTIVITIES: Then each child made their own pizza. I had dough and all of the toppings and they each created their own.  These 4-year-olds were in heaven creating their own food. While the pizzas baked we began to play some games.

GAMES:  Hello-Kitty Says (like Simon Says) Pin-the-Chef-Hat-On-Hello-Kitty (I had blown up the same picture of Hello Kitty mounted her to a large piece of poster board and made chef hats with each child's name on it played it with a bandana just like Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey) egg and spoon race (for the cooking theme part of the party) and we "popped popcorn" (put yellow and white balloons on a big sheet and had the kids each grab a section of the sheet when I said "turn on the popper" they shook the sheet and it made the balloon popcorn pop" this was their favorite activity and they could have done this the whole party). 

PARTY SNACKS: Next the kids ate their pizzas fruit salad carrots and juice. 

Then we had another activity that doubled as the PARTY FAVOR:  The kids all gathered around our kitchen island and each put in an ingredient and helped mix a big bowl of "Dirt Dessert" (which is a pudding concoction of pudding whipped cream cream cheese and powdered sugar then you crush OREOS and put them on top with a gummy worm). 

After our little chefs made the pudding I had created containers to put them in (I gathered sour cream and cottage cheese containers covered them in cute scrapbook paper cut out a chef Hello Kitty image and glued them to the back of the container so it looked like Hello Kitty was holding the container and taped a removable recipe card for the dirt dessert to the lid).  The kids each took home their dirt dessert with a plastic mixing spoon as their party favor. 

For the CAKE I created a Hello-Kitty cake using a circle cake pan and another small cake that I cut ears out of and attached to the circle cake on a large sheet pan.  I frosted it all white used black round candy for the eyes a large round yellow candy for the nose and black licorice for the whiskers. I just used one of my daughter's pink hair ribbons for Hello-Kitty's ribbon and it looked just like her.  The kids loved the party and it really didn't cost much at all to do."

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