Hello Kitty Party

Hello Kitty Sweet Shoppe Party




Carli in Redmond, WA USA


March 2013


Special Mention

My daughter loves Hello Kitty, but I wanted a fun theme to go with the Hello Kitty décor. So we came up with a Hello Kitty Sweet Shoppe!

INVITATIONS: The invitations were homemade cupcakes with a pom pom cherry on top that slid in and out of a cupcake liner. The info was on the back of the cupcake. The colors were red and white and pink.

DECORATIONS: I decorated the entrance way with a red and white striped awning and a red and white polka dotted sign that said, Hello Kitty Sweet Shoppe". There were giant lollipops made from paper plates plastic and paper sticks and giant candies made from balloons wrapped in plastic. They were so cute! There was also a huge Hello Kitty holding one of the lollipops. The house was filled with Hello Kitty décor figurines (there was an adorable Hello Kitty old fashioned sweet shoppe lego even!) stuffed animals and red and white Hello Kitty balloons pink and red streamers and a picture of my daughter in a Hello Kitty frame on the mantel with her name in white wooden letters next to it. The centerpiece of the décor was the dessert table. It was made to look like a candy shop. It had a red and white striped awning above it and a white wood shelf in the back of it. There was a red and white Hello Kitty table cloth plates napkins and cups and all of the shelves were filled with glass candy jars with Hello Kitty labels filled with treats.

ACTIVITIES and GAMES: When the kids arrived we painted their noses yellow and painted on kitty whiskers. Then they each got a headband I had made with Kitty ears and a bow. Then they each got to pick out a cupcake tatoo or two and put them on their hands. There were only 2 boys and so I let them pick how they wanted to paint their faces. Then the kids came in and colored Hello Kitty pictures until everyone got there. When everyone arrived we made aprons (OTC). Each kid got to pick out their own cupcake for their apron- I had premade fabric and felt top and bottom pieces of a cupcake for them to choose from. There were pom poms to use as cherries or frosting and fabric paints and puffy paints to write with.

When they were done they all got a package with the materials to make a cupcake necklace (OTC). I just told the boys they could make their necklace for a special girl in their life- their mom a teacher a sister etc. They were excited and even asked for extras for other teachers =). The last activity was that they all got to decorate their own cupcakes. Each kid got 2 normal sized cupcakes and 3 mini cupcakes. I had filled two muffin tins with various decorations and set out example cupcakes of ideas of what they could make (a fish polar bear flower etc). I filled 10 bags with different colors of frosting- They had a blast! After they had washed up we had snacks/lunch. Then they opened presents. We finished the party off with the cake.

COSTUMES: I asked all the kids to come wearing their favorite Hello Kitty clothes. Then they had the painted face and the headband from the party to match. 

SNACKS: The candy shop table had jars filled with candy cookies popcorn and other treats. I made cupcake pops out of marshmellows and rice krispie treats (to look like mini cupcakes). I made Hello Kitty waterbottle labels and each kid got their own waterbottle as well as their own juice bottle made to look like Hello Kitty (I found small white bottles to use and paint like Hello Kitty). I also kept the color theme and so all the food was red or white: strawberry and banana kebabs, babybel cheeses mini  tune sandwiches rolls with nutella chips etc.

CAKE: I made a giant cupcake- red velvet (to keep with the color theme). It has red hear sprinkles and a Hello Kitty holding the number 7 on top. 

FAVORS: The kids got to take home their pictures, their water and Hello Kitty bottle, their apron, their cupcakes in a cupcake box, their necklace, their Hello Kitty headband as well as 4 cupcake tatoos. They also got to fill their bags with candy from the candy shop before leaving.  Everyone had a great time and the birthday girl was thrilled with her party!   "

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