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Hello Kitty -4yr- Kitty Milk Saucer Game




Shellie in Mission Viejo


April 2003


Special Mention

Hello Kitty character birthday party -- For My daughter's 4th birthday,  she wanted a "Hello Kitty" party.  There wasn't much on HK on the web,  so I had to get creative and we had a GREAT time!

Invitations: My friend scanned some HK images into a hillside scene  and then scanned in a photo of my daugther "walking" among the Hello  Kittys on the hillside. She  printed the invitation words in poem form in  the sky and even put Hello Kitty in a plane flying by to look as if she  wrote the words in the sky -- it was very very cute!!

Since my daughter invited all the girls in her preschool class I knew we  would have to make different "centers" to keep crowd control!

At the first  center, the girls made kitty ears. I precut ears in a headband shape out  of white paper and I stamped and precut big red bows (a la Hello Kitty)  Then the girls glues the bow on, then decorated the ears with Liquid  Applique -- a kind of puffy paint that gets furry when you heat dryt it.  Once the girls were finished, I heat dried their ears with a heat tool,   you could also use a hair dryer. their creations puffed up instantly and  they got such a  kick out of watching the paint get furry! We pinned them  on the girls with bobby pins and then painted kitty wiskers on their  faces -- they all looked so cute!!

At another center, the girls decorated paper bags. I had cut out Hello  Kitty shapes and gave them each a miniture paint set so they could  paint and glue their pictures to decortate the bages. Once they had their ears on, their faces painted, and their bags ready  to be filled, they went over to another center where I had hid various  peices of Hello Kitty necklaces and bracelets (from Target). In a very  worried voice I told them that Hello Kitty had lost all her jewlery and they were needed to help her find some! They were instructed to find one necklace and one bracelet and then they could put it in their bag. They  loved this game and wanted me to hide some all over again so they could play agian!

At another game center, I bought 15 different colors of yarn and  crisscrossed the yard all over the yard. The kids had to choose one  color and wind the yarn into a small cardboad peice. I played music  during this time and the kids looked so cute -- 15 little kitties playing  with yarn! LOL! Once they wound up all the yarn on their cardboard, I  tied one side and cut the other to make a pompom and we had a pom  pom toss (like an egg toss, but no one gets messy!)

Another center we had the kitty lap game. I gave each grl a saucer of  milk and had them lap it up like a kitty would and if they finished it all,  they got a KitKat candybar. This was my favorite time of the party -  seeing them lap up the milk saucers -- too cute!

Since it was an afterschool party (2:00-4:00 pm) I did not serve food,  just cake and ice cream. Instead of a cake, I had each guest decorate  and eat their own cupcakes. I baked and frosted the cupcakes, then  broke a vanilla wafer in half , frosted each half and stuck them in the   prefrosted cupcakes as the ears.  I then set out separate dishes with  red licorice laces to tie into bows, chocolate chips for the eyes, and  yellow M&Ms for the nose. Each girl made their own HK cupcake and  they were all so adorable!

For gift opening time, the guests took turns sitting next to the birthday  girl on the couch while she opened her present. The rest of the guests  watched while seated nicely on the floor in front. So that there were no  squabbles about who was to go next, I passeed around a Hello Kitty  puppet  for the girl who was next to hold while she waited her turn. As  she went up to give her gift, she also passed the HK puppet to  someone else who would be next. I worked beautifully and all the little  3 and 4 year olds were so good as can be!! It also gave me an  opportunity to take a picture of each guest with the birthday girl to use  later in the thank you notes.

As they were leaving, I gave each girl a HK coloring book that I printed  from the Hello Kitty website (awesome craftes and activities there too!)  I also made sure each girl had her bag with a necklace, a braclet, a  mini-paint set, a pompom,  and a kitkat bar in it. And if they weren't still  waearing their ears, I made sure those went home with them also.

For the thank you cards, I colored a picture of Hello Kitty (from their  website) holding a book. On the book I printed in tiny letters "Olivia's  Birthday Memories". On the inside I put the picture and stamped the  words "thanks for the memores" and then thanked each gues for trheir  specfic gift. Olivia then signed her name to each card. It was a great party -- one of my favorite of all four of my children's  parties so far! I hope you have fun with yours! :)

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