Hannah Montana Party

Rockin Out Party -5yr- Decorate a Guitar




Lisa in Central, Pennsylvania USA


July 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughters 5th birthday she asked for a Rockin Out party. So I got to work. 

INVITATION The invitation was a picture of both Hannah/Miley. The inside said Come rock out in My world and asked them to join us at our house for a rockin out birthday party. I created VIP tickets for each person in the families I sent the invites to, then slipped them in the envelopes with the invitations.

DECORATIONS As far as decorations we went more of a rock star theme than Hannah Montana due to a special surprise I'll reveal later. We did black, silver, pink, purple and a hint of blue. Lots of stars and glitter. Tons of star balloons.

CRAFTS IN LIEU OF GAMES In lieu of games we did crafts I printed and cut out a plane guitar on cardstock and each child decorated his/hers to their own desire using markers, glue pens, stickers and glitter.  We also made wigs using several different colors of curling ribbon and wire garland. We used the kind with stars in a rainbow color to match the blacks and pinks and purples for our rockstar theme. 

FAVORS At this point we gave out the treat bags these were purses that I had picked up for $1 then filled. We put POP Rocks candy, a microphone, trendy sunglasses and some rockstar tattoos. It also had a homemade CD that had the songs that were cued up on the karaoke machine on it. We put up a sign with the menu on it and the price of each item. They all had  play money in their purses to purchase their food.

They also had an autograph book that I made out of Crayola glitter cardstock and bright color cardstock. (These two ideas were to help them practice writing their names and counting money as they had just learned it in preschool this year.) The kids were told to go get the autographs of everyone at the party while we set up the food.

FOOD Our menu was quite simple due to the complexity of our next event. We had hot dogs, pasta salad, beans and your everyday picnic sort of food. We had a Hannah Montana cake with hotpink, blue, purple and black icing and a guitar placed on it. The wording read Happy Birthday Rockstar! We put 5 hot pink sparklers on it in lieu of candles

ACTIVITIES While we ate, my brother was setting up our back deck as a stage complete with lights (borrowed from him), and foil strand back drop bought from a party supply store. We put up a karaoke machine and the kids got to go up and sing their favorite songs. When the time was just right my brother came through the foil strands tore them down to reveal his band members and all their equipment behind him. They played Happy Birthday and gave my daughter and her friends a private concert! They even played Brown Eyed Girl . It totally ROCKED!  

Our invitations said 4 to 8pm but my brother played until atleast 10 (the local police assured us it would be okay) we built a fire and sat around for a long time some mom's even put their babies to sleep in my sons cribs with them and overall it was not just a great party for my little rock star but for the whole family! I am so happy, I can't wait for my next one, my middle son will be three, STAY TUNED!  PS we never even opened the presents until the next day! PPS..thanks to the Dollar Tree this party cost me less than $118, most of that was food for our 30 guests!

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