Hannah Montana Party

Hannah Montana -7yr- Rockstar Makeovers




Sara in Tallahassee Florida United States


April 2008


Special Mention

INVITATION: I know that you can purchase Hannah Montana invitations at most party supply stores but I wanted to do somthing a little more original and more memorable than that. I designed invitations using purple cardstock, turquoise cardstock , silver star scrapbooking paper, and Hannah Montana stickers. The invites were turquoise carstock cut into a rectangle with silver star paper cut into strips on both sides of paper vertically ( leaving lots of space in the middle where the cardstock is to write party information ) I then put a Hannah Montana sticker ( you can see her full body, wearing a cute outfit ) on a sheet of purple cardstock and then cut an outline around the sticker and attch next to the party info. VERY CUTE! The invitation read : Sweet Nibblits! It's almost Taylor's birthday! The rockin' party is on March 26th but watch out for the Paparazzi! I also created a "backstage pass" on my computer using a format I found on the internet and included that in the invitation along with silver star confetti. Invitations were sent in hot pink envelpoes.

DECORATIONS: The colors were silver hot pink purple and turquoise.I set up three different areas. The first was a "V.I.P. Lounge in the playroom I put up a silver fringe door curtain ( Party City ) and made a sign out of Hot Pink paper silver stars glitter and a print-out from the computer of the Hannah Montana logo that said "V.I.P. Lounge" that I hung on the top of the door above the fringe curtain I then hung a hot pink feather boa on either side to make it extra fancy!

Inside the lounge there was a table with mini silver star cake pans ( only a dollar for 24 of them )with star shaped crackers and fruit snacks in each and "popstar punch" ( blue Hawaiian punch and ginger ale) served from plastic martini glasses with star shaped ice cubes for snack time.I hung Christmas lights all inside of the "lounge" on the walls and hung glittery music notes from the ceiling.The music notes were very easy to make I just bought a pack a nultiple large music notes from the 50's party section of Party City and sprayed them with spray adhesive and then added black glitter (found at craft stores)

The second area was the dining rrom table where they would be eating dinner. I used silver curling ribbon to hang cardboard stars that I found in the teacher supply section of the Dollar Store  I put silver glitter on these with spray adhesive and hung them from the ceiling. I covered the table with a turquoise table cloth and created a runner using pruple glitter scrapbook paper that I ran down the middle of the table in a straight lineI then used purple craft maribou to go down either side of the paper runner. I bought hot pink felt form the craft store for .20 a piece and used these as place mats. I bought silver cardboard stars from Party city I cut the points off of a couple of the stars so that I could tape it to the back of a whole star to make it stand on it's own. I then put a Hannah Montana sticker ( of her face ) on each a used turquoise letter stickers to put each girls name on the stars these served as the place cards on the table.

We used Hannah Montana plates and napkins for the meal and drank our of plastic martini glasses . The final area was the entrance/ salon (living room)area. When guests came in the door in front of them they saw 2 sets of balloons . Each set included 3 silver star balloons hot pink and turquoise latex balloons attached to a silver fringe balloon weight inside of a Hannah Montana stadium cup ( .56 Walmart ) these were very cute! In between the balloon displays was a poster of Hannah Montana's full body cut out around here body and glued to a piece of foamcore and hung from the ceiling and above that was a Hannah Montana happy birthday banner purchased at a party supply store. In the "salon" area we set up 3 stations for the rockstar makeovers. Each station was labeled with a sign I decorated with Guitar printout and glitter. There were silver stars hanging in this area as well.

ACTIVITIES: The first activity the guests participated in when they arrived was the "rockstar Makeovers" There was one adult at each station to either give maicures  apply make-up  and put in hair streaks.All stations were one girl at a time and I kept the stations away from the TV and the couch so that I could put on the Hannah Montana concert DVD for the girls to watch while they waited for their turn to get their make-overs.

The first station was nails ( so that while they get hair and makeup done they will have time for the polish to dry) I had a variety of bright nailpolish for the girls to choose from. Next they went to the Make- up station where I had eyeshadowlipgloss and body glitter for them to choose from. And then to the hair streak station. I purchased this hair streaker that looks kind of like a flat iron and has sponges on either side where the hot plates would be. You just squeeze the hair color (washable) onto the sponge and run down the hair. The girls LOVED THIS! As each girl was finished getting their makeover they were sent to the "V.I.P. Lounge " where I had Hannah Montana music playing and blow up microphones and guitars for the girls to play with.

They also had their snack (since it was after school and dinner was not until 5)After the girls got their makeovers and played in the Lounge for a little while we played "pin the sunglasses on Hannah Montana" I just hung a poster on the wall and cut out sunglasses shapes out of paperwe used a sleep mask as the blindfold and used sticky tack to "pin" the sunglasses on (as not to damage the poster)the winner was awarded a Hannah Montana lip gloss ring. Then we played an "autograph collecting" contest. Each girl was given a Hannah Montana mini notepad and a pink pencil. At the count of three the first one to collect the autograph of all the little girls was the winner.They each got to keep the notepads and pencils.

PARTY SNACKS: for dinner we had pizza sticks and chick fil a chicken nuggets with assorted dipping sauces and music note shaped sugar cookies all served on silver platters. The cake was a purple star shaped cake served from a turquoise cake stand.

FAVORS:favors were given in hot pink paper sacks closed with turqouise and purple curly ribbon I made tags on silver paper with a glittery Hannah Montana sticker and each girls name with turquoise letter stickers VERY VERY CUTE! Inside the bags were ring pops and candy necklaces plastic star shaped sunglasses a feather pen Hannah Montana stickers microphone lipgloss and hot pink hot pink hand clapper noise makers. This party was a HUGE SUCCESS!"

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