Hannah Montana Party

Hannah Montana Party -5yr- Pass the Microphone




Shalina in High Point, NC


July 2008


Honorable Mention

Like most little girls, I had a huge Hannah Montana fan and that was the only option for her 5th birthday. 

INVITATION:  Her invitation's were a picture of her dressed in a Hannah Montana outfit with the headset microphone on and the one side said Part Time Pop Star" and the other said Come party like a Pop Star all the information and then on the bottom it said to wear your favorite pop star outfit. 

Decorations:  We held the party in our finished basement since it was in January.  In one corner was the Make up station with balloons all around. Then I got silver stars and put them all on along the wall above the Pink Carpet (pink tablecloth with white christmas lighttube taped to the outside of it to make it look like a runway) I also set up the present table with two chairs and a Hannah Montana poster and balloons around it too. 

ACTIVITES/GAMES:  Once the girls arrived they were greeted by Hannah's bodyguard (my husband) given their backstage pass (two laminated pictures of my daughter with Backstage Pass on the front - and valid only on her party date) and directed to the party room.  All the little girls showed up in their best Pop Star outfit - adorable!  The girls started at the makeup station and my mom helpers helped them get their makeup on nails painted and hair streaked. 

When we finished that we played pass the microphone and if the music stopped and you had the microphone it was time for you to go onstage.  Each girl ended up with a blowup microphone (oriental trading) 

Next they had to decorate their guitars (also from Oriental trading) with glitter pens markers and Hannah Montana Stickers.  While they were doing that one at a time they were called over to their Pop Star Photo Shoot.  They LOVED this and totally hammed it up with the blowup guitar I had.  Once all the guitars were finished we took a group shot for my daughters scrapbook. 

Next we went and played pin the microphone on Hannah Montana.  I printed out a picture of her from the internet and copied the microphone and printed one out for each girl.  For their blindfold I cut strips of sequined fabric that they could use as scarves or headbands after their turn. 

Next was the find Miley game.  I printed out cards with pictures of Hannah Montana and one Miley - we played Hannah Montana music they danced around until the music stopped then they all found a card to stand on - if you found Miley - you were out of the game.  All the girls LOVED this game mostly for the dancing. 

Cake:  Next was cake time that was a store bought cake this year for my local grocery store.  After Cake time the girls came backdownstairs to open presents.  Each girl got a chance to sit in a chair next to the birthday girl when she was opening the gift they brought.  I have found this cuts down on the cluster of kids around the birthday girl since everyone has to sit until it is their turn gives me a chance to snap a picture of each guest with the birthday girl also helps to remind me what everyone brought her.  The party ended with the Pink Carpet.  The girls strutted their stuff down the pink carpet as the Papparazzi was taking pictures of them.  It was great. 

FAVORS:  The girls got a bag that held a Hannah Montana picture frame and they put a body glitter from the makeup station their blowup microphone guitar and sequined scarf in the bags when they left.  It was a huge success and all the little girls had a blast.  Thank you's were written on the back of the pictures I had printed from their Pop Star photo shoot.        "

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