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Hannah Montana Sleepover -7yr- Evening Spa




Crystal in Thomasville, NC USA


August 2007


Special Mention

I just had my daughter's 7th birthday party Saturday and my dd named it the Hannah Montana Rockin'Birthday Spa Sleepover. We're on a tight budget and I was told I threw the *best* party by every kid there! 

I sent out invitations 2 weeks in advance and noted what food would be served & what to bring for the girls invited to the sleepover.  This party was perfect for a Hannah-obsessed fan! 

The first part of the party was basic summer colors and started at 6pm for everyone.  For set-up in the yard:  I had 2 kids picnic benches with coloring pages (I had printed a b&w Hannah Montana pic wrote "Hope you have a Rockin'Time at Emily's Party!" and copied them (free) along with lots of .10 boxes of crayon- Transformers for the boys) and a bunch of fold up chairs for adults.  I set up 4 folding tv trays in a row and used a .99 pink table cover to set-up a "buffet line" for the food.  I brought the kitchen table outside and set-up a cd player (with Hannah Montana & KidzBop jams) sidewalk chalk sidewalk chalk sprayer 2 kick balls and a automatic bubble blower.

I got scooby masks for the boys (.20/pk Kmart) horn blowers (new-Freecycle) and garland hair peices (bright wire garland (new- .25 yardsale) made in circles & 3 strands curling ribbon curled and attached on back (these sell at fairs around here for about $5 ea- mine .75 for 8!)I had pink streamers everywhere with pink balloons all over the yard and hellium balloons (Balloon Time) decorating our porch. When the kids arrived they colored threw balloons played kick ball wrote on the sidewalk until the food arrived.   

I set out a cooler packed with sodas & water.  Since no one ever RSVPs lol I waited til about 6:05 and ordered the pizza- for 27 people I ordered 8 med pizzas ($5.55 ea/Dominos) and had them cut in 12 slices instead of 8- had 3 pizzas left over- so I fed about 5-6 people per pizza.  I had bought a huge stack of purple plates and napkins from Target for $1.75.  At Dollar General they had teal plastic chip & dip tray w/ lid pink & green "lemonade" picher and a orange/pink deep bowl on clearance.  I made dip with sour cream & Hidden Valley dry ranch mix and had 2 huge bags of Lays Chips.  All the dip got gone in minutes and I had about 1/4 bag of chips left.  In the lemonade pitcher I mixed 3/4 Hawaiian Punch & 1/4 Sierra Mist pre-chilled and served to the kids (and many adults). 

My mom had a new pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey game so the kids played that while I cleaned up the picnic tables (you could also pin the mike or guitar on Hannah to keep with the Hannah theme.  We put a tablecover on one picnic table and tied down hellium balloons for the backdrop for the birthday girl to open presents.  Whoever got her the present got to sit beside her while she was opening it and get their pic made with the birthday girl.  We brought the presents in and put out the cake plates & forks to get ready for the best part- a handmade Hannah Montana guitar cake! 

I called a local lady who has a bakery kitchen at her home after calling every store looking for a Hannah cake with no avail- she had a guitar-shaped cake pan and I emailed her a pic of the Hannah guitar dd was getting for her party as an idea.  The cake was the most amazing thing I've ever seen- pink textured piped icing with gold guitar strings & airbrushing and edible gold glitter all over.  It said Hannah Montana Rocks to the side of the strings and Emily at the bottom- everyone raved and took pics and the look of my daughter's face was priceless. 

After the cake I gave goodie bags to the kids not invited to spend the night and passed around the orange/pink candy bowl for the adults to get some goodies-pixie stiks mini chocolates kisses etc and surprisingly the pixies stiks were adults faves. The party finished up around 8:30pm- still plenty of light outside in August & not too hot.  

My hubby's grandma took my ds to spend the night with her as dd got to invite 4 girls (ages 567 & 10)to spend the night.  I got my 2 young SIL's & neighbor to volunteer to help me with the spa part. I had a Hannah poster surrounded by balloons above the sectional.  I told the girls to change into their pj's and come sit on the sectional which I had towels lined on the back.  I brought out the pink butterfly baskets (2/$1 Dollar Tree) overflowing with Bobby Jack stickers Bobby Jack temp tattoos flower nail files crayons post-it notes pencils pixie sticks foot scrub + more- most 75% off from the Target $1 Spot. I had white shop towels & clips around their necks.  I had forgot to buy facial cream so I sliced a cucumber and arranged sliced around a big dollop of whipped cream I found in the fridge.  We used a blush brush to apply the "cream brulee facial mask" put cuke slices over eyes and told them to relax and I took before pics.  We quickly wiped off with warm shop towels. 

I had purple or blue eyeshadow bright pink blush and red lipstick-paid pennies- and each girl got a makeover.  I had colored hair gel (purple blue gold red) that we streaked on each girls hair added some kiddie clips and finished with pink glitter spray I found on .50 clearance at Target.  As soon as the hair was done we blow-dried on low to keep from smearing.  Next we used buff block & new nail files to shape nails & toenails and girls got to choose between about 10 different polishes purple teal pink with glitter on top being the most popular. The girls finished with temp tattoos on their cheeks & ankles.   My dd got everything Hannah for her bday which came in handy.  I got out the mini camcorder and each girl got to put on my dd's new Hannah Montana wig & Hannah guitar while the other girls were backup dancers and they got to choose their own songs & make up their own dance moves.  I would say action my SIL would play the song and the girls would jam out- they made Hannah Montana Rock Star videos for about an hour. 

At about 11pm we laid out the sleeping bags gave the girls a snack & water sent them to brush teeth and potty then told them it was time to lay down.  We put on dd's new Hannah dvd and by 11:30pm my kid & 2 others were asleep.  A few had never been to a sleepover and got a little scared so I laid on the couch til they went to sleep.  2 girls didn't fall asleep until 2am so try and get sleep the day before1  The girls started waking up at 7:30am so I sent them to shower & get dressed (yes the colored hair gels washed out easy) while I started on making pancakes. Per dd's request I made pancakes with choc kissables and apple juice.  Each girl that woke up I fed sent in shower and to play gamecube in dd's room so the others could sleep. 

By 9am all kids were up.  I put pick-up time at 11:00am and all kids were picked up by 10:30am. Believe me these little girls could party because I'm still tired but worth it for dd to have the best party ever :)! "

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