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Hannah Montana - Pin Sunglasses on the Star




Stefanie in Norman, Oklahoma, USA


April 2007


Honorable Mention

My step-daughter's birthday was in early March and she wanted a Hannah Montana birthday party.  This Disney character is so popular with the young girls, but Disney offers no party supplies, at least not at the time.  So, I had to come up with everything from scratch and here is what I did and my suggestions... 

INVITATIONS AND THANK YOUS: I know how to use the program Photoshop, so I created her name and made it look like Hannah Montana's logo. Since it was a surprise party, I used the pic of HM (Hannah Montana) and wrote at the top HM can keep a secret. Can you?" and all the party info underneath. For a time I was selling these customized HM invites on eBay but Disney pulled them down.  The "thank yous" were just about the same but said Thanks for Pumpin up the Party.  You can make something similar on a Microsoft program. 

CAKE: I got a customized cake icing layer off of eBay.  It had Hannah Montana's image. 

DECORATIONS: I bought a stack of CDs for about $12 at Wal-Mart.  My husband drilled holes on the sides and we strung them up using fishing wire.  Hanging CDs is very HM you can see something similar in her CD booklet.  And you can hang them in your daughters room after.  We hung hers in front of her window. HM colors are purple* gold* teal limey green and pink so balloons and streamers for the walls and chairs.  Inflatable guitars and microphones can be hung.  You can find them on eBay and in some party stores $.50-$1.00 ea. I bought a Diva Guitar pinata online.  It is pink and yellow so cute.  It made an excellent centerpiece. Buy a tablecloth plates napkins ect. In color that correspond to decor but mix the colors up.  Don't buy all one color And a HM poster of course! Got mine at Hastings you can find one at Wal-mart. 

GOODY BAGS:   I bought denim mini totes from a party store.  They are the same ones from the Oriental Trading company.  I bought a gold shiny material and a purple material with sequence-y like stuff.  I cut Hs in the shape of the H in the HM logo out of the gold material and did the same for the M with the purple.  I used craft glue to paste them on the pocket.  I used a line of teal sequence to pipe the perimeter of the  pocket and I used a limey green colored sequence sporadically on the rest.  I replaced the handles of the bag with ribbon of the same green. Inside I put: 1.  A HM shirt I made in the same fashion as the bags 2.  A mix-up CD 3.  A diary and pencil (HM has to keep her pop star career a secret and diaries keep secrets) 4.  A mylar tinsel wig (HM wears a wig on stage) 5.  Sunglasses 6.  Inflatable electric guitar (pop star) 7.  Inflatable microphone (pop star) 8.  Pop Rocks candy 9.  HM buttons and HM stickers (eBay)  

GAMES: Diva Guitar Pinata-  self explanatory. Everyone loves pinatas but they aren't always the safest so be sure to take pre-cautions.  Also use a pair of darkened out sunglasses for hygienic reasons.  Hannah Montana Quiz- I made up question base on a point system the harder questions earned more points.  The children (actually just girls) rang in by shaking one of my infant son's rattles.  You could use wistles or bells.  The questions were only about HM the show and not Miley Cyrus the actress.  Sample questions:  Who is HM best friend?  What school does HM go to?  Where is HM from?  Where does she live?  What grade is HM?.  You can look up more questions and the answers online.  My quiz was multiple choice.  Only one chance.  Be sure to make bonus questions in case of a tie!  The winner got to choose her price first and so on.  

Pin the Sunglasses on the Pop Star:  I made sunglasses out of different colored construction paper.  The frames were all unique.  Some were star shaped circle square heart ect.  They were all to scale with the HM image on the poster.  I hung the poster on the fridge and stuck magnets to the back of the sunglasses.  Each girl was blind folded and had her chance to put the sunglasses on HM's eyes.  We took pictures with our digital camera and compared after.  Winner chose her prize first. 

HM Disguise-up Relay:  I didn't do this because it was too dark.  It's the basic dress-up relay game but in stead of dressing up the girls put on their HM disguise.  Have them take their goody bag with the wig sunglasses (pop star theme) HM shirt I made (white with HM and sequence) inflatable guitar and microphone.  Make a start point and stop point.  First the kid has to run from the start point to the finish point with the bag of stuff in hand.  The child quickly puts the HM disguise on and then runs back.  Whoever does this the fastest wins. 

ACTIVITIES AND CRAFTS:  Karoake: Each kid has their own inflatable microphone.  Just pop in the HM CD and let them jam.  CD case: Check the Oriental Trading Company web site.  You can purchase a kit that has cd cases and foam decorations.  The kids can make CD cases.  Cut out your own foam designs such as electric guitars stars sunglasses or whatever.  I had sooooooo much fun planning this party and everything turned out awesome.  I know the kids loved their HM gear;  our neighbor girl was wearing it all the very next day.  P.S. Make sure your gift wrap stays in the same theme (wrapping paper with stars would work)  especially if your putting the presents on the table."

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