Hannah Montana Party

Hannah Montana Concert -8yr- Karaoke




Cheryl in Mountain Lakes, NJ   USA


February 2008



Invitation: My daughter wanted to have a Hannah Montana Concert party because many of her friends were disappointed they couldn't go to the real concert.  So I found a woman on Ebay who made adorable invitations that look like real concert tickets. 

The invitation said,  Your invited to Faith's 8th Birthday Bash!  Best of Both Worlds Concert/Dinner starring Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. Feel free to dress like a popstar and come rock out the show!  We also added glitter stars inside the envelopes. 

Decorations: I got some Hannah decorations at Party City and lots of curling ribbon hanging from the chandelier and everywhere we could reach.  Crepe paper streamers and silver fringe hanging over doorways. Sparkle stars all over the tables too. We are lucky because our basement has a bar and we converted that into a concession stand. 

We also have a built in window seat which I hung purple tablecloths on the side to make it look like a stage.  We hung a huge poster in the background and had a stobe light blinking on the stage.  The kids loved this and all got a chance to Karoake up there with the microphone to Hannah music CD. 

I also had a laptop set up in the dinning room with Hannah Episodes playing constantly and one more in the hallway when they walked in. 

Activities: After Karoake time, everygirl got $5.oo in Monopoly money and a chance to go up and purchase their snacks for the concert. I had a sign hanging up with prices and choices.  We sold" popcorn in cute boxes I bought from the party store rice krispy snacks swedish fist water juice and glow sticks.  This was a big hit as they have just learned about money this year and were excited to use their knowledge. 

We then watched an actual copy of the concert I was able to get from Ebay on our big screen tv.  As filler games we played pass the microphone like hot potato and pin the microphone on Hannah. 

Party Snack: We served pizza and had create your own icecream sundaes. Of course the concession snacks too. 

Favors: I had chocolate candy bars made with wrappers that had a picture of Hannah Montana and said Faiths 8th birthday Bash! (on the front)  and then the back said "Having you here has made my birthday the Best of Both Worlds!" I also printed her picture on t-shirt transfer paper and made pink customized tour shirts for everygirl.  I rolled the shirts neatly and tied the candybars to the top with lots of curling ribbon.  They were really cute! 

We had lots of fun planning this Party!! "

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