Hannah Montana Party

Karaoke Concert Party -12yr- Rockstar Madness




Amie in Toronto, ON  Canada


February 2009



Hannah Montana / School of Rock Karaoke Concert Party 

DECORATIONS We have a big family room, but not really performance-ready" so we took my son's futon frame and literally through some plywood/carpet overtop. Then I've got miles of black material (cheap polyester type) that I draped the walls in to give the room a cafe/bar type feel - think small band venue before they "make it big". Add some red light bulbs strategically placed and some white/green/blue mini Christmas lights pinned up on the wall behind to frame the stage. To my advantage we also have an old stoplight that we rigged up pointing directly at the stage.  We did only karaoke but we did keep the guitar hero guitars and drum set on the stage along with the mics and a gooseneck mic stand to complete the look. 

ACTIVITIES: We had 12 kids so did rotating groups - put 3 members to a band so 4 groups. Then we had 4 "stations" they rotated through as a group: 

- "Rehearsal" with the karaoke machine up on the stage they picked a band name their song and decided who wanted to sing and who wanted to play drums guitar etc. It worked well because some girls didn't know the song and some were more comfortable in the background. They ran through the song 1-3 times and rehearsed. I think your 12 year olds would put even more energy and creativity into this! (I know my 13 year old wants the same party this year!) 

- Hair/Makeup - my 13 year old daughter ran this station but obviously you can get out the hair crimper straightener makeup hair color etc. Even better when they're older so they can do each other's hair/makeup. I went back to "school of rock" and the whole hannah montana transformation for this. 

- Costumes - obviously we had a lot of "princess bands" but in my own vision I would think ripped jeans camisoles jean jackets etc

- Rock band and Guitar hero give some inspiration here. You might even find stuff in your closet that would work. 

- Pizza - we did "make your own pizzas" which worked really well and by doing the prep as a little group they all then were able to eat as a group which is important. You don't want them all split up from their friends for the whole thing! 

Also when we did break to eat we put cushions down on the floor of the café and they all ate in a circle. It was very intimate and with the dark room very cosy and secretive. Lots of giggles! I wanted to keep the dark cloth and red lights up to sit and relax after the kids go to bed but my husband took it down the next day. I would have kept it up a week and let my other kids have some friends over to do a repeat! 

We made a sign out front of our house when parents dropped off:  ***Welcome to the Stoplight Café Appearing tonight - one show only! "Rockstar Madness" Show starts at 6:45pm***   I told the parents if they wanted to come 15 min early they could come see the show!  

We videotaped and that could be part of the "thank you" for coming.  When asked the girls said their favorite part of the party was the stage. Just make sure with bigger kids that if you build something it's sturdy enough to hold at least 6 kids jumping up and down on it."

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