Game Show Party

Monopoly Party - Monopoly Board Cake




Maureen in Margate, NJ, USA


June 2001


Honorable Mention

Monopoly Party - My cousins, sister and I all enjoy playing Monopoly, so I've come up with a Monopoly party.

You could design the invitations to look like a chance or community chest card. They might read: Advance your token to (your name)'s Monopoly party at (your address) at (time) on (date). If you pass Go, collect $200. RSVP: (your phone number). Include Monopoly money in the envelope.  

To decorate the party room, you could cut pictures of the playing pieces out of paper and tape them to the walls. You could also put up balloons, streamers, etc. Another idea is to decorate a plain white tablecloth to look like a Monopoly board. Put it on the table, and guests can play the game on it instead of a board.

The main activity, obviously, is Monopoly, but you could also play games that go with the theme (for example, Jail Break), if you really want to.

For food, you could have whatever you want. You might want to serve hot dogs, pizza, etc.

For the birthday cake, simply decorate a rectangular sheet cake to look like a Monopoly board.

This party works well with older children.

Tip - play a time limit game so the game will end soon enough! Party favors could be play money and Monopoly key chains (try stores like Eckerd or CVS to find the key chains). Have fun at your Monopoly party!

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