Game Show Party

Board Game Party - Win Lose or Draw




Terri in Del Rio, Texas, USA


November 2000


Honorable Mention

I got my party idea from a commercial on TV.  I don't remember the company but it's the one showing some 70's games and suggesting you start a family game night.  My twin boys are turning seven this month, love to play games, so we decided to down scale from our usual parties to a small slumber party since we are getting ready to move.  But I didn't want them to miss out on the fun we normally do.  So that is how I came up with the game night themed slumber party. 

The invitations are homemade and will look like a monopoly board with the writing in the middle.  I am suggesting that the gifts go with the theme of the party. 

All the kids will meet at out house and drop off their stuff.  I am going to ask them their favorite game and write it (with a marker) on a clothes pin. As they pledge to not watch TV tonight hook it on their clothes as a reminder.  (If they break down and watch TV I will take the clothes pin.  Anyone left with the clothes pin in the morning will get a prize) 

Then we will go to a local Pizza buffet for dinner and cake.  Hopefully people will see their clothes pins and ask what they are for so help get the excitement going.  The cake will also have the monopoly board look.  This way we can get all the food stuff out of the way. 

When we get home I will have a big piece of newsprint across the wall with a Jeopardy game planned with categories like "board games, card games, Nintendo games, active games, etc." 

Then we will play team version of Win Lose or Draw.  The kids will open the presents next and get to play with their new games as well as the games we already have. With supervision so pieces don't get lost, I am going to have different areas set up of different games.

A Checkers and Chess area, Monopoly, Life, Battleship, Disney Trivia, and anything else that looks fun.  Each kid will get a snack bag of chips, a labeled water bottle and other goodies to munch on.  I am going to attempt to make it through the whole night with out the TV or the Nintendo! 

Any one left with a clothes pin in the morning will receive a certificate (Saying I made it the whole night with out TV!)with a goodie.  I found some checkers board games at the dollar store that I am going to tie with curly ribbon, add a snack bag of chips and bottle top candy.  This will be their thank you gift in the morning when they go home.

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