Game Show Party

Supermarket Sweep -5yr- Garage Market




Leanne in Shreveport, LA, USA


January 2002


Honorable Mention

We are planning a "Supermarket Sweep Party" for my daughter Laura Lee, who is turning "5."  She loves to shop and loves to pretend she is shopping too!   We have everyone in our family and our friends saving all of their empty spice bottles, cartons, boxes, bottles, egg cartons, etc.      

We are purchasing day old bread and coating it with shellac (for durability) and we have also picked up plastic fruits and vegetables from a discount bin at a local craft/hobby shop.

My husband is putting up temporary shelves in our garage (in a big open-ended rectangle shape) made simply with cinder blocks and long boards. We have 2 or 3 small (children's) grocery carts and are borrowing the rest from friends (so that each child will have their own cart.)

We have made signs and isle markers out of poster board and bright markers and have added a special touch with pictures of the products. We will have the shelves completely stocked and our "check stands" ready when the children arrive.  My "10" year old daughter and one of her friends have agreed to be our "re-stock" girls we anticipate a big demand to "play again!" 

We have drawn up "shopping lists" with simple items to be picked up (with a picture beside it for our friends that may not be able to read yet!) and have laminated them for lots of re-use. We intend on have a few games too!  One being who can find everything on their list first and make it back to the check-stand.  Another possibly being a treasure hunt through the grocery store.

At the end of the party we intend to let everyone take their final bag of groceries home with them.so that they can play some more. We are really excited about our idea and the kids are really working hard at saving every empty container they can find!

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