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Michele in Marysville, Ohio USA


August 2000


Special Mention

We are planning a WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE b-day party! My son thinks it's a great idea and here are some of the things we are doing. I will make the invites on the computer and send them through the mail.

Will probably cover the invites with $$$ signs and/or money with the words "Who wants to be a millionaire" on the front.  He will have only boys (but you can do it whatever way you want) and they will be spending the night so we won't have time limits.  You can either do it with teams or individuals.  Limit it to FIVE questions a piece if you are doing singles.  We are doing it singly.  The first contestant comes up and we will be sitting similar to the way they do it on TV.  Ours won't be on a computer screen obviously but we will be using sheets of paper printed off on the computer. 

The first sheet is the first question, with A B C D answers.  We will read it off just like tv does.  He will have to pick the answer to win money.  We will be using "play" money to hand out for each correct answer. Then at the end of the game, we will have prizes that cost so much for each one. He can stop after the first one if he wants to OR keep going.  IF he misses ONE he is done and we take away his last amount he won.  If he has answered two correct questions we still only take away that last questions money. 

With the money he wins he will be able to "buy" different prizes.  The prizes WILL be WRAPPED and some may be in different sized boxes to through the kids off.  Also some will be booby prizes!!! The kid (or team) with the MOST amount of $$$$ Wins first pickins!

Then it goes down from their.but EVERYONE wins something! They will be able to pick what they want with the money that they have.  Here's the fun part they can have life lines too! They can make calls to whoever they want..being another friend or brother, sister, or any family member!  But just like the real show they only get three. We may even do if the person cannot get it then they can call on help from the other kids. He can chose one kid to give him the answer. If the answer is incorrect, then the main player loses his turn, and the next person comes up. IF the answer is right, then the player gets the money but either has to forfeit his turn or give half the money to the person who helped him. Haven't decided yet. My husband will probably play Regis, all dressed up and stuff. 

And we were thinking of using strobe lights in the room and tape recording the music from the show off the TV. Questions will range from TV Shows, Cartoon Network, Music, Nintendo, and MYSTERY! Questions I was thinking of off the top of my head were like: ON Cartoon Network, there is a show called Ed, Edd, and Eddy.  Who is Ed, who is Edd, and who is Eddy.  And we'd have pictures of them, plus pictures of other cartoon or just other characters and they have to not only figure out which the right characters are but which "ED" belongs to which "ED".  

We could ask Name the Backstreet Boys.  And we'd have  A. Sean, Ryan, Nick, Dave, and Jason  B. Jon, Cameron, Jordan, Michael and Alex and so on.and then one of them, A, B, C, or D would be the real names and I'll have to look that one up because I don't know their real names..hehe.

So I think this will be a lot of fun and I hope someone else out there might like it! Let me know if you use it or need any ideas OR come up with some yourself!

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