Game Show Party

Who Wants to be a Millionaire -7yr- Life Lines




Sherrine in Arlington Hts, IL   USA


May 2000


Honorable Mention

My seven year old daughter loves the TV show "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?".

For her eighth birthday party this will be the theme! I'm going to dress in a navy suit with a navy blouse and borrow my husband's solid navy tie.

For the fast finger round, I'll ask questions like "list the Brady Bunch kids in order of oldest to youngest". They'll just raise their hand when they're done. I'll get my daughter to help me come up with the trivia questions (they will mostly be about things they learned during the year at school, television shows, book characters, nursery rhymes, and kid movies).

The three life lines will be 50/50, poll the audience  (this will be easy in that there will be about 20 guest), and ask a friend (instead of call a friend, they'll ask one in the audience).

Small prizes will be stickers, hair accessories, nail polish, lip balm, etc.( none more than $1 each). Medium prizes will be giant candy bars, kid's shower gel sets, comb and brush sets, etc. (about $2-3 each) and the grand prize will be movie passes, pass to the local roller rink, etc. (about $5).

Hopefully, we'll only have 3 grand prize winners. If we get too many, we could have a tie breaking round. I'm going to record the theme music from the show and dim the lights in the room. We'll use bar stools for the stage. I think she and her friends will have a blast. AND THAT'S MY FINAL ANSWER!

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