Fishing Party

Fishing Party -9yr- Big Fish Little Fish Contest




James in Sarve, PA United States


October 2008



I always try to do something different and fun for my son's birthday. So for this 9th birthday we had a real fishing party.

The Invitation: I used cream card stock on the front I put Let's Go Fishing... with a stamp of a bass jumping out of the water.  I used green & blue paper for the bottom to look like wate, the inside of the invitation read: Reel in the Big One! for James' 9th Birthday then I had the date, time place, rsvp and Bring a fising pole if you have one. They had a fishing pole in the inside along with a sticker of a fish, dabbed with the color brown to make it look dirty. 

For the party we had tables, chairs and tents. I decorated the tables with green table cloths, cream nets with fish and lures hanging off them and had fishing poles, hats and tackles boxes beside the gift table. Each kid had a green plate with a green napkin stamped with a brown bass on the napkin at the table setting.  I also had on the tables six fish bowls with different things in them. (swedish fish, gummy worms, fish crackers, chips, pretzels, and real fish). 

We also had a huge bass balloon with a sign says The Fishing Parties Here" so people didn't pass the place up. The place was a little fishing pond up the street.  The tents were decorated with fishing balloons I got at Party City.  My son James had his fishing gear on for the other kids we did fishing hats with a fish pin & lures on them.(Orentail Trading). 

I bought all the bait at Walmart and put each kids name on the bait. So when they came each one had their own bait. We fished for about an hour and then we ate.

We served hot dogs, mac "n" cheese, chicken nuggets,  jello giggles shape like fish cake and ice cream and had water juice boxes in cooler. 

The cake was a edible picture of a bass that read Hook Line and Sinker James is 9. With fish around it. (Very cute) 

For the party favors I got tackle boxes and put fishing things in them rope hooks bobbers sweddish fish.  Then I made wooden fish and wrote each  kid name on their tackle box. 

We also had a couple of contests for the Biggest Fish Biggest Blue Gil Smallest fish and so on. Everyone won a prize and we also took pictures of them with the fish.  Which I put in a fish frame.  After we eat we fish for another hour untile the parents came. 

Everyone loved the party and said they wanted to do the same one for their birthday can James help them. Actually everyone keeps talking about it!"

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