Fishing Party

Fishy Party -3yr- Fish Bean Bag Toss




Megan in Lawndale, NC, USA


February 2012



For my daughter's 3rd birthday, we decided on a fishy birthday party. 

Invitations - For the outside of the invitation, I used my Cricut to cut out a fish bowl and placed one fish in the bowl.  Above the fish bowl, I cut out and glued 3 ballons (different colors).  In the middle balloon, I placed a number three.  I dyed white twine pink and tied them to the balloons and then tied the balloons to the fish's tail.  The inside of the invitation said, You're o'fish'ally invited to _____ birthday" with all the other information needed.

Cake - I took the invitations to a local cake maker and she made the cake look exactly like the invitations.

Decorations - I went to Party City and bought Carribean Blue tableclothes for the tables.  The paper products and cutlery were all orange.  For centerpieces I printed out 5x7 papers that said Happy Birthday ______! and used her handprint to make fish.  These were placed inside an acrylic frame and real fish bowl rocks were placed around it like confetti. 

On the food table we used a real fish bowl -- and had several goldfish swimming around in it.  I again used my Cricut to cut out orange fish and also the words Happy Birthday.  The fish were tied together with the same twine used on the invitations and this was placed above the food table.

Food - Besides the cake we had small cups of ice cream gold fish crackers and cheese balls (to continue with the orange theme).  I had bought pretzel rods dipped them in white chocolate and then rolled them in orange and blue sprinkles for something a little different.  I bought canned drinks for the adults and juice boxes for all the children.

Games -- My parents had just bought new furniture so I used one of the boxes and cut off one side and painted an ocean scene on the other three sides.  We used this box for the fishing game.  Guests were able to fish two times.  The first time the girls "caught" a plastic bracelet and the boys "caught" a toy car.  The second time both boys and girls "caught" a bag of candy. 

Another game was fish bean bag toss. I covered my husband's cornhole boards with butcher paper and painted a fish scene on them as well.  My mom bought some fish fabric and made fish bean bags for them to toss.  Prize for tossing the bean bags was fish gummies. 

We also played "Place the Scale on the Fish" -- just like Pin the Tail on The Donkey - except there was a fish and guests were given scales.  I also made this by painting a big fish on a piece of poster board and just cutting the scales out of cardstock.  My daughter decorated the "scales" by using glitter glue before the party date.

Party Favors - I found the small fishing games (where the magnetic fish open and close their mouths) fairly cheap.  I bought enough for each guest to have one so that he/she could continue to have fishy fun once the party was over."

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