Finding Nemo Party

Nemo Land Party 2yr - Fish Clip Art Deco




Angela in San Diego, CA USA


January 2006



Finding Nemo 2-year-old.  My daughter turned 2 and since she loves Nemo we decided to turn our house into a Nemo land! 

Decorations: I printed out tons of fish from free websites that offer clip art.  I posted them around the house.  There were also free Nemo pics that I did the same with.  I added captions to the pictures like "Happy Birthday to ___!" and "Nemo thinks ___ is the Greatest!"  We have everything blue and orange - balloons, streamers, etc.  Nemo tablecloth, paper products and centerpiece.  I hung streamers all over the place, so they would be hanging down.  They are cheaper than using a million balloons. 

Upon entering: the kids were welcomed with a Nemo sign on the door and streamers hanging down.  Of course we had the movie "Finding Nemo" playing and kids sat at the table to color some pages I had printed - for free - off the Disney website.  They were each given a snack - a clear plastic cup "aquarium" with Nemo stickers on the outside.  Inside were rainbow goldfish and Swedish fish candies.  I also found some disgusting (but the kids loved them) fruit snacks in Nemo shapes that had sugary goo in them.  For a beverage I used a big plastic clear bowl "aquarium" and filled it with blue Hawaiian punch and sprite.  Whipped cream floated on top.  We called it sea-foam punch. 

Games: since we had kids of varying ages, the games had to be interesting for all.  My husband took a refrigerator box, cut out the back so a person could fit inside, and cut a hole about 1/3 the size of the box out of the front.  He decorated it with a blue sheet that looked like the ocean, and more fish pictures and a sign that said "Fish and win some treasure." Each kid got a "fishing pole" (wooden dowel with yarn and a clothes pin tied to the end) and would throw the "line" into the hole.  My husband was inside the box and he would give kids treats like dum-dums, necklaces, rings and bubbles (all from Oriental Trading Co).  We also had some games outside, like a bucket toss and a sponge toss.  The kids liked getting all wet! 

Goody Bags: all from OTC, more of the rings, necklaces, bubbles, also Nemo stickers.  We put them in cardboard "treasure boxes".  The kids thought this was really neat. 

The Cake: I made a regular boxed cake mix, 2-layer round, and put a bit of blue food coloring in the mix.  I tinted the frosting aquamarine.  On top of the cake I used crushed graham crackers to make "sand" along the bottom 1/3, then I used gel icing to create coral, seaweed and other sea plants.  I used some Swedish fish and Nemo fruit snacks and placed them around the "ocean".  Finally I wrote "Happy Birthday ___" and had it surrounded by a bubble and little bubbles leading to Nemo's mouth, so it looked like he was saying it.  Everyone had a great time!!

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